2K5 is my favorite football game ever, BUT... we all know there are some pesky bugs/g

This is a discussion on 2K5 is my favorite football game ever, BUT... we all know there are some pesky bugs/g within the ESPN NFL 2K5 Football forums.

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2K5 is my favorite football game ever, BUT... we all know there are some pesky bugs/g

(NOTE: These are listed in numerical order just for the sake of order. Order doesn't mean anything here, just listing them.)

1: NFL Draft Glitch(s) This is an infamous one. Only QBs, RBs, OTs and DEs are drafted in the first round. Some other minor draft issues include the lack of bigger (they're all like 5-8 or 5-9) or faster RBs, too many super tall WRs (6-5, 6-6, etc.) and a lack of lengthy/beefier CBs (6-3, 215 guys). There's also this next one...

2: Lack of diversity in computer generated names I absolutely mean no disrespect to my Hispanic/Latino brothers, but it seems like 80% or more of the created players' names are of that descent. There are so many! I'm actually okay with all the fake faces being doctored photos of Anquan Boldin, Carson Palmer, etc., but the lack of diverse names bug me. I know they can be edited though.

3. Lack of indoor Super Bowls I believe Super Bowl 40 (in it's original Detroit setting) is the only indoor Super Bowl, unless I'm wrong? In recent times, it seems like at least 2 out of every 3 Super Bowls are indoor. This would add to the atmosphere in my opinion to have more indoor SBs, and if they are outdoor, then at LEAST include this next feature...

4. Lack of night games It's probably too much to ask for a game this old to have their 4:30pm ET games become dark in the second half, (I think Madden ended up doing it a year or two after this, though) but it takes me out to see SO many games seemingly in the day time. To tie this up to my Super Bowl gripe, the outdoor Super Bowls wouldn't be nearly as bad if they were dark in the second half, like they are supposed to.

5. Backup QB (and other players) glitch This is a bad one, and I'm guessing anyone in this thread is aware of this one. Nothing is more annoying than gearing up for a big playoff game and all of a sudden you are facing Jim Sorgi instead of Peyton Manning because the backup has been named the starter.

6. Player progression This is a big problem, especially for the fake players. After 15-20 years in your franchise, you'll notice what was once a real-feeling simulation will now include a million 9-7 teams vying for the Super Bowl, with some conference's No. 1 seeds at 10-6 at best. Why is that? It's because fake players don't ever progress past a certain point, leaving all teams pretty even. This is especially true about the progression of fake QBs. This leaves you with no stars or MVP-level players, save for maybe a few RBs and a defensive player or two. It seems like no QBs ever get into the 90s, or even stay above the 80s for too long. Sure, some original players like Eli Manning and Larry Fitzgerald may eventually make it to an 100 rating, but what about everyone else?! It makes the franchise seem a little less real.

7. WR season-long sim stats Overall (QB, RB, sacks, etc.) the game does a damn good job here with regular season sim stats, and you can change the sim game minutes to reflect what you want, but the WRs seem to have way too few guys with 100+ catches or 1,500 receiving yards. Do I need to up the minute per quarter option for simming? But then I don't want every QB throwing 50 TDs...although that does seem to happen now.

8. Gamecast sims This is an AWESOME feature overall, and I'm glad it's here, but how many times do you see the same scripted thing at the end of games? Team scores a TD or throws an INT in a clutch situation at the end too win, or team REFUSES to kick a game-winning FG or game-tying one when they should. This is not even to mention the crazy clipping calls that derails an RB's stat line (happens when you play, too) or random change of possession or a MILLION blocked PATs.

9. Too many INTs Seriously, what in the world is going on with this? I can have INTs super low and have a game simmed and each QB throws 4-5 INTs. This happens often, too. Like over half the time, it seems. Also includes CPU QBs throwing wayyyy too many INTs when you play them. And like the gamecast sim problem, it seems like they ALWAYS throw one on a game-winning or game-tying drive attempt. Like EVERY time. I also notice in the draft, there are no QBs who come into the game with a good 'pass read coverage' rating. I'm sure that doesn't help.

10. Screen passes Do they just not work? Or am I doing something wrong?

11. Drops Way too many drops. Even with catching all the way up. Just silliness on some of these.

12. Playbooks Okay, my final gripe really is not 2K5's fault, since the game came out in 2004...but I wish there was a way to implement more modern-day offenses Pistol, Lamar Jackson's QB-based running scheme, Mahomes' KC O, even Jim Harbaugh's Kaepernick/SF offense from 2012/2013...

In all, none of these things are a big enough deal for this not to be my favorite football game of all-time, but they can get annoying. Does anyone agree with some of these? Disagree? Anyone have some to add? Any solutions?! (The real reason I am listing these).

(P.S. I'll probably still play this game forever)
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