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Major League Football Sim 32 User League

Major League Football

-Cash Prize of $50 dollars to the winner of every Super Bowl. Might boost this to $100 in future seasons if the league is running well.
-We’re going 5 Seasons which gives tanking/rebuilding teams a chance to actually build a roster for the future.
-If you cannot follow these rules or have reservations, its fine this just might not be for you.
-If you want to amend or add a rule then we can vote as a league.
-You must have a GroupMe account, this is where league discussions will take place along with confirming games/scheduling/etc…
-DM me on XBOX, my gamertag is “HEAT GOT GAME” or on here in this thread if you are interested in joining the league.
Upon your acceptance into the league you have to make a GroupMe and add it within 24 hours or your spot will be voided. I want to get the discussions going and do not want anyone holding things up.
-We will play preseason games with injuries off to give guys a chance to get some rhythm with their teams. However we will advance every 24 hours during the preseason so the league is not slowed down.

League Rules

-48 or 72 hour advance. Will be voted upon by league when all 32 teams are filled.
-No custom coaches, leaves some benefit to guys with Elite coaches and forces others to put in the development for their coaches.
-Schedule games and maintain that schedule so guys can plan around that. If you miss 2 games because you cannot maintain the agreed upon time then you will be removed from the league because this slows things down for everyone. If something comes up then put your team on auto-pilot and the CPU will play for you. There will be no FORCE WINS as XP is huge in player development and I would also hate for someone to get an injury in a game that they are not actually playing.
-If you go M.I.A. for any reasons then you will be removed from the league, I understand life happens but I want anyone who’s got things going on to focus on that and not be pressured by people into playing a video game. It’s not fair to anyone who has real life situations they need to handle.
-Tanking is allowed just be mindful you have to play the games, again for XP purposes. If you do not want to play then the CPU will play for you but be mindful you might win.
-Trades can be agreed upon for any player and any team. HOWEVER to avoid collusion any trade involving a player with Superstar abilities or X-Factors has be submitted to the league, unless you are trading players with abilities, example(Mahomes for Brady). Members of the same division do not have a vote as they are biased against the teams involved. So if the Jets and Browns make a trade then the Pats, Dolphins, Bills, Ravens, Steelers and Bengals do not have a vote. Of the other 24 owners if 8 vote against then the trade is null and void. This is reasonable to avoid friends stacking teams and then leaving the league.

Roster Rules

-There will be no official trade deadline. However once you are eliminated from playoff contention you have 1 more “week” to make trades. After that next advance you can longer make any deals. Also once you clinch a playoff berth you can no longer make any trades following the next weeks advance. Again this is to avoid collusion amongst friends. If teams are found releasing and signing players as a way to exploit the rules/system then they will be removed from the league.
-Practice Squad stealing is allowed but that player must remain on your active roster for at least 4 weeks.
-Position changes are allowed as follows.
-DE to DT, DE to OLB
-OLB to MLB, OLB to DE
-CB to FS, CB to SS
-FS to CB, SS to CB
-LT to LG/RT
-C to LG
-RG to LG/RT
-RT to RG
-WR to TE(if WR is at least 6’4 and 230 pounds)
-TE to FB
-FB to TE, FB to HB
-RB to WR(If RB has 70 Route Running in 1 of the 3 categories SRR/MRR/DRR)
-You can edit player equipment and uniform numbers just keep the NFL number rules in mind. No WR wearing #1 for example.

Gameplay Rules

-7 Minute Quarters, 25 Second Accelerated Play Clock.
-Gameplay sliders will likely be set to All-Madden but I am looking for a quality custom slider set to utilize that will make ratings and abilities matter more.
-You can only chew the clock up 17+ points. If you want to chew it manually then fine no one is stopping you from doing that.
-You cannot run the same play more than 3 times on any given drive. This is sim football, be creative.
-On defense you must match personnel with the offense. 3 WR to at least 3 CB(Nickel, Big Nickel, Dime, Dollar, Quarters). You cannot sit in 3-4 Odd vs 3 WR. It’s not realistic. You wont sit in Dime 1-4-6 against 3 TE sets, again unrealistic. This is a sim league, realistic football strategies.
-4th down calls are as follows
-4th and 1 at any time
-4th and anything when you are past the 50 yard line.
-4th and anything down 17+ points.
-One fake Punt OR FG per game.
-One onside kick per game. This is to avoid the come out in onside kick so your opponent wastes a timeout BS some people do online.
Playbook Rules
-Custom Playbook/West Coast Playbook will be voted upon by team owners at a later date.
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