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PRiMETiME559's All-Madden Set for M15

September 26, 2014
It took me a long time, but it has finally come to an end. I do believe I have my slider set for the next year of playing Madden 15. They work for me in Play Now and CFM. They are on the PS4 Community Files right now with the descriptions of:
PRiMETiME559 Player Sliders
PRiMETiME559 CPU Sliders

The file names just say CPU and Player on my screen so I'm not sure which you would have to search.
My PSN is: PRiMETiME559 so maybe you can just search that.

These are not for the faint of heart. These will challenge you at times, but still allow you and the CPU to play good defense. It's all about getting into a rhythm with these sliders, for the CPU and yourself. These can, at times, nerf the passing game. At other times, you will still see it flourish. You will see some games get to halftime with low scores; and some games end with low scores. Other times, it will be higher scores. This is what I was looking for in a slider set. I don't want the same experience twice BUT I also didn't want games to constantly be getting out of hand or too low of scoring. These are for the guys who have had trouble making this game hard enough while still looking for a simulation experience. They may be completely backwards to what you've seen on here. All I can say is, I know they work good enough for me and I hope they can for you as well.

How I will do this: If there is any important explanation about what I have chosen that needs to be said, I will put it right by that options value in this color. This way it does not get confusing looking up and down the thread as to why I've set a value to where it is. If I'm uncertain about a value, but afraid to change it because my games have been really realistic, I will put it in this color. Here we go.

Play Call Style: Enhanced (Don't limit your playcalling. Have you seen the play sheets coaches use?!)
Skill Level: All-Madden
Game Speed: Normal
Ball Hawk: On
Strafe Assist: Off
Heat Seeker Assist: Off (Ever feel like the cpu is controlling your player controlled defender and you can't control where he runs? This is why. Turn this off and you are free to chase down ball-carriers via any route you choose.)
Switch Assist: Off I play as a pass rusher 90% of the time and don't switch mid-play. Same goes for the other 10% of the time if I user control a man in coverage, therefore there is no need for me to have this on.
Quarter Length: 15 Minutes (If you're going for simulation style...well, enough said.)
Play Clock: On
Accelerated Clock: On
Minimum Play Clock Time: 14 Seconds (Gives you about 5-6 seconds left on clock if you don't rush to the line. About 8-10 if you do rush to the line. This is realistic to me.)
Injuries: 51
Fatigue: 60 (For RB Auto-Subs)
Player Min Speed Threshold: 51 (Game too easy for you? Not very realistic? I bet you have this on zero. Ever watch an NFL game and hear an announcer say something like, "This ain't college son, guys in the NFL won't let you get around that corner that easily." They aren't lying.)

Offside: 52
False Start: 54
Holding: 60
Facemask: 51
Defensive Pass Interference: 99
Offensive Pass Interference: 99
KR/PR Interference: 50
Clipping: 54
Int Grounding: 10
Roughing the Passer: 50
Roughing the Kicker: 50

QB Accuracy: 5
Pass Blocking: 48
WR Catching: 28
Run Blocking: 30
Fumbles: 48
Reaction Time: 100
Interceptions: 43
Pass Coverage: 100
Tackling: 55
FG Power: 50
FG Accuracy: 37
Punt Power: 47
Punt Accuracy: 50
Kickoff Power: 50

QB Accuracy: 5
Pass Blocking: 100 (This along with no visual defensive graphics allow for realistic sack numbers and it's not AS easy to get to the CPU QB)
WR Catching: 38 (CAUTION: For some reason on 36 there are a lot of drops. I used to have it on 37 but bumped it up to 38 and got great CPU QB stats.)
Run Blocking: 50 (Or 49 if you are having trouble stopping the run. I had it on 49, but was stopping the run pretty easily so the CPU was getting away from the run game too much. At 50 I've been getting realistic CPU rushing stats.
Fumbles: 48
Reaction Time: 99 (Lets face it. Passing for both teams this year is too easy until we see a patch. High pass defense values are OKAY.)
Interceptions: 32
Pass Coverage: 99
Tackling: 55
FG Power: 50
FG Accuracy: 37
Punt Power: 47
Punt Accuracy: 85 (I know in Online CFM, Special Teams values are for both teams so if you're okay with having your own accuracy set to 85 to make up for the CPU's terrible punting game, go ahead and do that.)
Kickoff Power: 50

Defensive Graphics: None (Too many sacks? Turn this to Off and CPU Pass Blocking to 100 and it will become a little/lot more challenging depending on who you are pass rushing with. But the stats are way more realistic with this set to Off and CPU Pass Blocking at 100.)
Kick Aiming Arc: Off (C'mon, man. This was cool at first, but I'd like to miss a realistic number of times and this makes it way too easy to see where to aim. Accuracy set at 37 makes the long field goals tougher with wind and this Off. Plus, it looks way to arcade-like.)

QB Sub Out/In: 0/3
RB Sub Out/In: 78/84 (I like using formation subs a lot too. Pretty good balance for CPU RBs.)
WR Sub Out/In: 30/35 (If it's late in the half or the game, and you're running no huddle, these guys will sub out if you go a few plays and then have an incompletion or get out of bounds, etc. So these are working okay for me.)
FB/TE Sub Out/In: 30/35 (See above.)
OL Sub Out/In: 0/3
DT Sub Out/In: 50/55
DE Sub Out/In: 50/55
LB Sub Out/In: 50/55
CB Sub Out/In: 30/35
S Sub Out/In: 30/35
(Overall, seeing good amounts of little rotations here and there on Defense and no one disappearing on either side of the ball.)

That's it. I hope some of you who are still searching for the right set give these a shot and they work out for you. As for me, other than the couple of orange values, I think this is what I'll be using until I'm done playing this game. I was really frustrated with M15, and still am in some areas. (For example: I just had to do the Cam Newton entrance thing like I had never played the game before and redo all my settings.) However, lets be honest for a second and take a look back at the last decade of Madden. This is by far the best one, probably because I'm on PS4, but still. I didn't really care for this game at first because I was hoping for an MLB The Show - esque Dynamic Difficulty system. (A game that I am playing on default sliders and everything else except Dynamic Difficulty to give me the most realistic sports video game feeling ever!) But, we didn't get that, and until we do (like a past version of Madden had not too long ago), these slider forums are going to continue to be full with us looking for the right set. However, after a solid month of slider testing, and in-depth testing with this set, I think my slideritis is cured for this years Madden NFL 15.
Good Luck to all you gamers out there in finding what makes this game like Sundays for you. I hope this helps.

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