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Re: Pro sliders ?

Are these still valid after last patch?
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Re: Pro sliders ?

Check out RaiderRens on here..
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Re: Pro sliders ?

QB Accuracy: 25 / 50
Pass Blocking: 45 / 50
WR Catching: 45 / 50
Run Blocking: 40 / 60
Fumbles: 50 / 50
Pass Defense Reaction Time: 50 / 57
Interceptions: 50
Pass Coverage: 50 / 57
Tackling: 40 / 50

FG Power: 50
FG Accuracy: 50
Punt Power: 50
Punt Accuracy: 50
Kickoff Power: 50

Offside: 55
False Start: 55
Offensive Holding: 55
Face Mask: 50
Illegal Block In The Back: 50
Roughing Passer: 50
Defensive Pass Interference: 60
Ineligible Man Downfield: On
All Others: On

Global Gameplay Sliders
Injuries: 50
Fatigue: 50
Player Speed Parity Scale: 70

These are a variation on RaiderRen's. Toning down the human QB accuracy is really important. Pretty much playing 3 to 5 games per season I tend to average a win rate of about 66% when playing and 64% when simming. I play offline CFM exclusively and have gone from in madden 20 2019 to 2048 5 times now.

When I have a good QB (85+) I tend to win about 70%, average QB (76 to 84) win about 50 to 65% and a bad QB (<76) I win about 40 to 50 %. This is mainly because I build a better team than the CPU ones I play. This is especially true after 2030. The bad QBs throw a stupid number of picks with these settings so they do not work well if you play every single game in a season. This accuracy forces you away from being a gunslinger average to bad QBs will throw many more picks than TDs.

The players rating do show through to a degree and great players pop-up more often than others.

Many of the ratings are actually geared towards forcing you to build a proper team. For me I find at human WR catch 50 even average receivers catch too many passes so it must be turned down to force you to have two good receivers. Buffing the speed parity makes lesser CPU teams better so I can't just build a track team to outrun everyone. I could type forever about most the ratings so feel free to ask questions. There probably aren't many people that have gone from 2019 to 2046 at pro as many times as I have.
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