Madden, take note on NBA2k15's "MyLeague"

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Madden, take note on NBA2k15's "MyLeague"

After Madden released information regarding CFM for Madden 2015, I couldn't help but feel discouraged after reading a lot of the new features that were added. Some of the features are a nice new addition, but I was disapointed with the lack of customization that is in the game.
The reason I play franchise mode, is because I like to:
Rebuild teams
Have a realistic franchise- Custom Draft Classes, Editing Rosters and trades
Move teams to wherever I want, and rename them to whatever I want
I don't play Madden to follow the script that EA gives me for my franchise, I want my own custom experience, to do what I want in the game that I paid $60 for.
I am not a game developer, so I gave EA the benefit of the doubt, and figured that putting features like editing rosters, custom draft classes, CPU vs CPU, or playing any game you want, would take too much time to create in a year. However, after 2k released information on "MyLeague", it put every other career like mode in sports games to shame.

These are the additions that 2k added to “MyLeague”
• Custom Roster
• Season Length
• Conference Quarterfinals, semifinals, finals and NBA Finals
• Fantasy Draft Option
• Salary Cap
• Hard Cap
• Trade logic settings
• General settings including team chemistry, lineup management and prospect scouting
• Difficulty settings
• Trade Negotiations Difficulty
• Contract negotiation difficulty
• CPU re-Resigning Aggressiveness
• Morale difficulty and effects
• Chemistry difficulty and effects
• Trade frequency settings
• Blockbuster trade frequency
• Injury effects
• Draft class quality
• Player progression rate
• In-season training effects
• Player non-financial ambitions factor
• Normalize played to sim minutes
• Can manage/play with all teams
It is disheartening to me that 2k could so easily add these things in one season, while Madden is working on new features like “confidence” and fixing things like XP points. These are the kind of features that I expect to receive after a year for my $60.

2k has proven itself time in and time out. Now it is your turn to impress me EA, and make fans quit wishing that 2k could get in on the football video game lisence.
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Re: Madden, take note on NBA2k15's "MyLeague"

Well stated. I agree your analysis.
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Re: Madden, take note on NBA2k15's "MyLeague"

The Madden people need to see this
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Re: Madden, take note on NBA2k15's "MyLeague"

Well said...

Madden could use a boost in the creative side of things.. I don't know why they haven't evolved much on that.. With 2k and scea allowing us so much freedom it does feel like madden is a step back on them.. But I will say madden has definitely made some great improvements tho I'm a little sad custom classes didn't make it in. It sounds like this years game is gonna be much more pleasant and at least they are improving and not going south.
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Re: Madden, take note on NBA2k15's "MyLeague"

locked...use one of the many threads on franchise and CFM improvements.
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