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I hesitate to make this posting given that I am really sure that sliders even do anything. But, this game needs more slider options such as

Injury Severity/Length
The current, 2-decade-old system just makes more injuries possible. What we need is one that let users determine the frequency of injuries as well as severity of injuries. Maybe a user wants to see 10 injuries a game, each keeping a player out for 3 plays and another user wants to see 2 injuries a game, but the players are out for the season.

Rushing Defense
Up until about 5 years ago, EA had it right. There used to be a slider that indicated how well the defense reacts to a running play and there was a slider that indicated how quickly linemen got off their blocks. But then some genius decided that a "rushing defense" slider was sufficient. I don't even know what the heck that slider does!

Route Running
"WR CATCHING" isn't getting the job done. What differentiates between poor receivers and great receivers is not being able to catch the ball... it's the ability to get open. EA used "WR Catching" at least since 2000. This is not good enough

Throw power or whatever they have is no longer good enough. Since the days of PS1, it has always been press X to throw to this receiver; Y to throw to that receiver and so forth. Boring. I want something that takes this a bit further. If a QB is really 'good' then yes, X will always throw to the receiver on the left. But for the really poor QBs, this should change. On one play, X will throw to the WR on the left, but on the next, X will throw to the RB. And if the QB is REALLY REALLY bad (I'm looking at you, TomSavage) then you do not even know which buttons corresponds to which receiver until the ball is snapped.

I'm sure there are more... I"m just too tired to think right now. But these sliders are for the most part, the same sliders that we used in Madden 2000 with Eddie George on the cover. This is not acceptable. (Well, I guess it is because I keep buying this game)

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Re: Expand Slider Options

I like the button passing idea

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Re: Expand Slider Options

That's funny I was just thinking of this last night. I agree that there should definitely be a wider set of sliders. Some that I would like to see.

Instead of pass coverage have different sliders for zone coverage and man coverage.

There should be a slider to configure how often CPU runs versus passes.

For blocking I'd like to see it broken down to how well linemen pick up blocks and another for how long blocks are held and broken down for run versus pass plays.

Slider for how often QBs run the ball.
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