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Inaccurate Throws

Admittedly, I liked this concept this year. I like the idea of pressure actually affecting the throws and having to be more meticulous about your pocket presence and stance.

But this concept was so poorly executed this year and honestly, laughably bad.

The “inaccurate” throws aren’t even close to mimicking reality. I watch as Joe Flacco throws the ball towards the receiver it’s “inaccurate” so I’m expecting a ball that’s low, or slightly out of reach, or high. Ya know, something you see every football game.

Lol. The ball leaves Flacco’s hand and immediately turns 45 degrees and goes into the turf 5 yards to the right. So much for ball physics.

I roll out with Flacco and no one’s around him, I see the slant coming open downfield, so I stop, a solid second or 2 goes by while Flacco isn’t moving, he throws a wildly inaccurate pass because apparently he was “On the Run” even though replayed showed he was literally a statue for about a whole 2 seconds.

I actually really like this Madden but they seriously need more testing and development time on these concepts before they throw them into a fully priced $60 product.
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Re: Inaccurate Throws

Yea I’d see the ball leave the hand fine, and then take a complete turn after it prompts “inaccurate throw”. It’s laughable at best
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Re: Inaccurate Throws

This is one of the biggest problems with the game, they implement something that sounds good but do a poor job executing it and they either don’t build upon it or they scrap it altogether. Same can be said for the scenario engine. It looks good on paper, but in reality I shouldn’t have my running back complaining about lack of carries when he gets injured and leaves a game in the first quarter

I could live with the terrible misses if they’d mix in some just out of the reach of the receiver. Instead it’s either a perfect ball or off by 7-8 yards

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Re: Inaccurate Throws

Just FYI, pressure affecting throws has been around for years - this is just the first time we've been able to see exactly when it's happening (and when other factors like Deadeye, Fearless or the QB's Throw Under Pressure rating resist/nullify it)

If you recall, even prior to this year there have been banners at the bottom showing "Under Pressure", "Back Foot", "On The Run", etc - all of those affected a QB's accuracy.

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Re: Inaccurate Throws

Yeah Even Mitch Trubisky's inaccurate throws are mostly within arm's reach, not 20 yards off target.

They need to work with Pro Football Focus and re-theorize how inaccurate throws work. They really could handle this in the animation engine as well as fixing some variance issues.

They should make throws be high, low, or behind, etc, but make it impact the receiver's catch animation. Inaccurate throws will be animated to be just out of reach, or require receivers to stop their momentum or dive/jump to catch them, then they will only be catchable by receivers with higher catch ratings with makes that rating more important than it currently is.

Further, receivers with very high catch ratings will be able to turn accurate passes in to forward momentum easier and quicker without the stutter and slow down we sometiems see when throwing flats, crossers, etc.

I've turned the computer's INT down on All madden difficulty cause I was sick of having decent QBs toss 3-4 int's a game due to insanely overthrown passes. It's immersion breaking and frustrating.
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Re: Inaccurate Throws

I mean, granted, the QB I've used the most since getting the game this holiday is Devlin Hodges, but while testing my WIP Playbook last night, Hodges threw three INT's that were not even in the same area code as the intended receiver, and continued to go 0-11 from the 1st-3rd quarters in passing (thank god for my run game) because of laughably inaccurate throws.

I get 1-2, but even on short throws, to have the pass THAT far off, it's a biiiiit annoying.
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