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Re: Deal Breakers?

Half sacks and assisted tackles amongst most of the stuff you all have said in this thread.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Without these I don't buy:

1.) Much better Franchise mode + better presentation

2.) Much more realistic football (3-4 that works like it's supposed to; Dbs/Lbs not magically intercepting a pass going in the opposite direction they are moving/looking; no impossible bs like rocket catching, DBs making impossible cuts/jumps to get to the ball, LBs jumping 10 feet into the air to knock down or intercept a pass, Robo QBs, ******** HB trucking, etc; More accurate playbooks, more accurate CPU AI, realistic OL/DL interaction...) etc.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Deal breaker for me is if the new gen. version is still not as good as the old gen version. It was absolutely ridiculous that the old version was better last year.

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Re: Deal Breakers?

Originally Posted by adembroski
In all seriousness, I don't really have any one "deal breaker" that'll keep me from buying it so long as when I pick it up, I enjoy it. If it's not fun, all the bells and whistles count for nothing. If I am engrossed and enjoy it, I'll live without a few things.

Actually, I take that back... there is ONE big game killer to me- sliders. Full compliment, HUM and CPU. I wont buy it without that, period. I'm sorry, Ian, there is a point where I draw a line

What will disappoint me if it's not in?

* Double teams and a working 3-4

* A greatly expanded and heavily improved franchise mode

* Completely redone stadium sounds, particularly crowd noise

* Allow me to scroll down save/load menus

* More custom logos

* Borders on created jersey numbers

* Ability to see a full sleeve when creating a jersey

* Custom playbooks

* More intense, immersive game intros

* Full compliment of sliders

* Accelerated clock (preferably with the option to keep it running to the very end of the game!)

* Situational opponent tendencies on play call screen

* Expanded custom leagues w/ definable divisions, schedules, and playoff formats

* Online franchise

There ya go.
This hit the nail right on the head. Not to mention Joborule's wishlists.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Online Franchise, that's the mode for me. If it's in, I'll buy it. If it's not, NCAA only.
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Deep franchise and good CPU AI throughout that mode. Both in regards to team management and on the field. I want hard and fair. But not cheap. If I get the ground game really going and wear them down or am leading 21-0 against a team not known for it's ability to come back, no magic AI playcalling or super-human feats of daring-do to make the game challenging. Let me win, based on my performance. Program the AI to react in a realistic fashion about that. That is the most frustrating thing I find in games besides just outright bugs and crashes....
Note to Tiburon Marketing:

A great product sells itself, no "back of the box" features required! (See Fifa...)

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Re: Deal Breakers?

smooth animations and smooth transitions in-between those smooth animations
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Re: Deal Breakers?

Robo QB/Lack of CPU running game/basics of gameplay fixed.

Deeper, better franchise and franchise A.I.

PRESENTATION. Mainly, this game needs to have some emotion. I feel like I'm playing with soul-less robots in 09. Each game feels the same and the whole thing feels so uninvolved. I need some passion, emotion from the crowd,players,announcers, everything.

That's about it. If they fix the core gameplay issues and give me a playable franchise I'll probably purchase.

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