Stadium/Team specific sound effects?

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Re: Stadium/Team specific sound effects?

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Re: Stadium/Team specific sound effects?

Originally Posted by Lambeau 1919
hey ea how about we make a deal. next year i will tell you that im going to pay you 60$ for the game but not give it to you doesnt that sound great. Or maybe since i cant play online co op and your staff said they would e mail me about it and havent i just take the sixty dollars and cut it in half....that sound good. There is no difference between that and what you are doing to your loyal customers by not responding. I have bought both ncaa and madden eight years in a roll now! Thanks for taking the time to address this! Everyone check out this email they sent me.

this is the conversation i had with the ea rep

this is the email they sent me

Gotta love that customer service!
Your links just bring up the google mail login page.
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Re: Stadium/Team specific sound effects?

here is the conversation with the rep

Hi, my name is Temjem O.. How may I help you? [03:46:29 PM]
: man i love this game so much but it wont let me play co op i have tried everything. I can play all other online modes except co op [03:47:26 PM]
Temjem O.: Do you get any error message? [03:48:53 PM]
: yes it loads to the pregame cutscenes and says press a to skip. it wont allow me to skip it its like i have no control and then when it gets to the kickoff screen it says connection to your peer was lost. I have had a buddy doing this with me so i know the other person isnt just quitting. it will sometimes let me play co op if i go to quick game but never when i try to play with a invite or when i create a session. [03:51:57 PM]
Temjem O.: Is it on PS3 or Xbox 360? [03:53:11 PM]
: 360 [03:53:08 PM]
Temjem O.: This may be if one of you is using a router and the other person is not. I would request you and your friend to bypass the router and try connecting. [03:54:12 PM]
: i have i have hooked straight to the modem and so has he. even if i try to create a co op session straight to the modem it still does this with random peers. [03:55:19 PM]
Temjem O.: I am forwarding the issue to our senior support who will get in touch with you through email within 24 hours, will that be okay with you? [03:56:55 PM]
: what email will he be sending it to? man i would love to get this resolved right now. I have tried everything do you think my internet speed could be the issue I have 3 meg [0306 PM]
Temjem O.: If you can play the other online modes then there shouldn't be a problem with the Co-op as well. [0334 PM]
: the others are fine and my connection display shows all 3 bars lit up. [04:00:04 PM]
Temjem O.: That is what looks very strange. [04:01:53 PM]
: i have even closed my x box live account and opened a new one losing all my gamer scores. when i did that i got on and it worked for one game and then it just started doing it again. I know thats what x box live said if all other modes work co op should [04:02:44 PM]
Temjem O.: If you have created the match then please ask your friend to do the same and invite you, to check if the result is same. [04:03:18 PM]
: i did he sent me an invite at least 30 times and it always did the same thing. [04:04:02 PM]
Temjem O.: As mentioned I will have to forward this to my senior support so that he/she can look into it further. [0432 PM]
: is there a chance my copy is messed up? [0419 PM]
Temjem O.: I don't think it is. [0453 PM]
: which e mail will they be reaching me at? [0452 PM]
Temjem O.: The one you used to login to our support site. [04:06:45 PM]
: ok if i dont hear from them in 24 hours what do i do. cant i just talk to some one over the phone? [04:07:19 PM]
Temjem O.: You will get a response within 24 hours, I assure you. [04:08:41 PM]
: ok thank you very much. [04:08:49 PM]
Temjem O.: Is there anything else I can help you with? [04:09:18 PM]
: no thats the only thing i have wrong with this game. I know you guys get hounded over the smallest things when it comes to madden. Its just that the online co op mode is the main reason i bought madden this year. [04:10:56 PM]
Temjem O.: I understand and feel the disappointment when something you were so eager to do doesn't work. [04:14:00 PM]
: thank you for your time [04:14:09 PM]
Temjem O.: Bye and have a nice day. [04:14:33 PM]
'' disconnected ('Concluded by Agent'). [04:14:42 PM]

here is the only email i recieved

Thank you for participating in our Madden NFL chat program.
We hope that your question was answered satisfactorily, if you need any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
Additionally, you may update your question by visiting our support site located at http://help.easports.com. After logging in, you can locate your question and update the incident by clicking the “My Questions” link found on the left-hand side of the page.
Many thanks for your continued patience and ongoing support.
EA Customer Support
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Re: Stadium/Team specific sound effects?

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Re: Stadium/Team specific sound effects?

Maybe you should give them the full business day. The email you got may just be the automatically generated form email that goes out, rather than the real response to the substantive issue. Or you can keep bumping it here.
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Re: Stadium/Team specific sound effects?

Still no answer?
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Re: Stadium/Team specific sound effects?

I wonder what EA's response will be for not do exactly what they said?
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Re: Stadium/Team specific sound effects?

I've stopped looking at this topic sense writing my blog about it a couple of days ago.


And the reason being is because water doesn't boil when you're looking at it.

But, is it a surprise that not one person has commented on this? I would say yes and no. But, I'm more concerned about the no I'm not surprised.

When I started writing the blog I really didn't want people to think I was the (bash EA) type. Which I'm not even close. I'm a big supporter of good games and EA did a really good job with Madden this year. I'm so impressed from last years to this.

But, the lack of response or communication is bothering me to no end. I know they were on a much needed vacation but, they're back and there is no reason not to communicate with the community.

But hey, who am I? I'm the low man on the pole. But when you start adding all of these low men on that pole, they add up to one LARGE community...

Think about it...
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