looking for tips for pure analog hitting

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looking for tips for pure analog hitting

I am justting back into the show after not playing for a few years. Right now I am using pure analog w/stride. I am struggling and when I do get hits I usually only get singles. Few things I wanted to ask:

1. Is it worth using the guess pitch? I believe when I last played a few years ago people said if you guessed wrong the game would penalize you so to me it seems like not using this would increase my chances of getting a hit or when I make contact getting more then a single.

2. When do you use the contact swing vs power swing? I have played 5 games in my franchise and still haven't hit a homer. Do you need to use the power swing to have a good chance to get one out of the yard?

Appreciate any feedback as always!
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Re: looking for tips for pure analog hitting

Ahhh good man for using analog stide, can't see how people hit with a button. I've been using it since it was introduced and if it was ever taken out I wouldn't even consider buying this game. First tip I can give you is keep practicing, its all about timing...when to begin to stride based on the pitchers windup and when to follow through. It will eventually come and when it does it will be second nature, like driving home and thinking after "how did I get home". Another tip is when you follow through you have to guide the stick just slightly to where the pitch is gonna be...after a while you wouldn't have to think, you will just react. And just like real baseball, you'll have to get ready for certain pitches...if it's a fastball you tell yourself you're gonna have to swing a millisecond early and if you think a change up is coming wait a split second. And for using power/normal/contact....I never use the power pre-select.....and Contact I only use on 2 strikes, sorta like real baseball in cutting down your swing. So every other pitch its normal/X. Currently playing on Legend with pitch speeds at 10, Contact at 4, Power at 5, Timing at 4, Foul ball at 3 and Soild hits at 4. And a tip for Homeruns is you're gonna have to be just a minuscule early....you want to pull the ball for most of your homeruns. Okay, so good luck....once you get there you're gonna feel how natural the stride is compared to hitting a button.

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