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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

- A "Edit NBA Players" from head to toe function. so we dont have to beg 2k to do it.-Console

- 2k14 lighting and graphics.( this is really important next to player edit)

- Halftime presentation just like the TNT. or at least close to it.

- Spacing and "Player to Court Ratio"

- 3point shooting fouls

- bring back the towels for immersion. (they had it last year dont know why it was affected because of the hooded warmups)

- choosing "Accessories colors" (from head to toe ex. headband as this one dont cooperate with all the pads and sleeves.) before the game starts.

- random shoe colors for home and away teams. not just white and black with splash of the uniform colors.

- there is only 28 coach in the NBA at least make their appearances on point also.

- bring back the shaking screen when paying as a visitor and when playing tie in the 4th quarter to make it look more harder and realistic.

- Crowd needs a bump up.

All my request is for PN and Myleague on console as i only play realistic sim gaming.hope this add up.
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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

As a person who plays mostly pro am these are the things I want to see.

1. Tone down the 3 pointers for my players. Litterally having the norm be that people are able to average 55%-70% from the 3 point line is ridicolous. Steph Curry has never even come close to that level of shooting. Elite shooters still miss wide open shots, I don't know why 2k doesn't grasp this concept.

2. I agree that a draw foul badge is actually neccesary.

3. For pro am I would reduce the requirement from 5 players to 3-4.

4. Pro am match making is ridicolous. When I first made my team all I was getting matched up with was gold teams. In older games at least 2k made an effort to match you up with pepole around your rank
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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

Bring back the white ring that indicates who you're targeting for the pass. It was in CH2K8. 20190210_084538.jpg

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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

During edit a player, I would like to see how the choices of colours affect ALL jerseys whether they are at home or not. Perhaps using R1 to cycle through.

Ability to edit sock colours.

Ability to mass edit accessories for particular jerseys.

Ability to edit which types of colours (or have a reg season crowd) the crowd will wear during playoff games.

Camera cuts shouldn't focus on referees and coaches as much as it should player reactions.

You should have an ability to manipulate player reactions after a shot/foul/dead ball (Triangle --> Expressive, Square --> Calm, O --> pump up crowd etc.)

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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

Make each NBA teams court colors etc. accurate. Courts need to look just like they do in real life.
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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

I could create a “wish list” a mile long, but I just want one wish granted.... End the MyPlayer “Grind to 99” as terms of beating the game in MyCareer mode.

The objective is to be 99 overall. The fastest players to do so receive real life custom stuff. So if you’re serious about doing this, you literally have to play over 1,000 career games. Just horsing around and playing your role won’t get you anywhere with MyPoints. So naturally, you find the best rep method and you spam repeat it every game. Against the computer. Over a thousand times. Listen - I know we are all unique individuals with different interests but NOBODY wants to play 1,000+ games on 12 minute quarters doing the same thing. But, it gets done for the incentives.

Now, I know most of the guys who hit 99 the fastest have dabbled in Park and Rec/ProAm, but majority of their time is career based. The goal of reaching it fast to receive the real life bonus, you’re practically wasting your time in ProAm/Rec/Park when you can be tripling your XP using career methods. So, they all sit in career. Not because that’s enjoyable, but because they want the recognition and bonuses.

I know and respect the fact that you have to grind career in order to earn your badges. But the fact that 2K in-directly forces you upon massive repetition that requires a higher insanity trait than skill trait in order to beat the game the fastest is absolutely mind shattering.

I agree that the goal of “beating the game mode” should be a SERIOUS grind - but they have to switch it up. If they want to keep the grind to 99 then cool... BUT integrate prerequisites that aren’t career based to at least make it tolerable. Something’s gotta give!

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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread

Originally Posted by RyanFitzmagic
I didn't see a thread for a general 2K20 wishlist (just the MyLeage Online wishlist thread). I hope it's okay that I made this one.

The one thing I'd love to see is additions to the game to reflect James Harden's style of play. Just like Curry did a few years ago (and still is doing), Harden is drastically changing the game of NBA basketball.

I think there should be a badge for drawing fouls, either in addition to or in place of the Draw Foul rating. I'm honestly surprised this hasn't been in since badges were introduced.

It'd also be cool IMO if there was a mechanic (maybe hold down on right stick) where you can pull your hands back to avoid fouling a shooter. But it's a trade-off, because if you do that, you can't contest the shot properly, so it has a better chance of going in.

And adding to the above, maybe if you do the same thing (hold down on the right stick) while a loose ball is going out of bounds/into the backcourt, your player would let the ball roll without trying to pick it up. Players do this a lot to avoid backcourt violations or when they know the ball will be out of bounds on the opposing team.

Just a few things I thought of. Can't wait to hear more suggestions from the community.

Only one wish:
People should boycott the 2k20 game, so that 2k finally wakes up.
Every year copy and paste, every year the same wrong promisses...
all they care is VC and sales numbers.
The result: toxic game and community
"Talent win games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships..."

- Michael GOAT Jordan -
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Re: NBA 2K20 wishlist thread


- The Grind/The Road to 99/MyPlayers

This should be left in the MyCareer Story mode. This will keep those who only care about grinding, exploiting and spamming the same moves away from those of us who really want to compete. This way you can make a max attributes "demi-god" player, but would be limited to this single player mode. Maybe even have a co-op mode where you can invite other MyPlayers to play with you or something

- MyPark/JRC

This may be controversial, but My Players should not be allow in these PVP modes. Like every other multiplayer (lets take Overwatch for instance) There should be multiple predefined characters at each position, that each person can select from. Since Im using Overwatch, if I want to go healer I can either use Mercy or Zenyatta both with their strengths and weaknesses. In 2K, once matchmaking ques up and before the match starts we pick our position and pick the skillset. Lets say I go PG. I can pick the Playmaker or Shot Creator for example. This way the Meta is easier to control, and skills with the character really do matter. Also you dont have to build up different players if you want to play another position. We also don't have to worry about Mike Wang tuning and hotfixing every week trying to balance 100s of different create-a-player builds

-MyPark/JRC Matchmaking

Bring back the real Rep System and make it actually matter. For JRC let your first 5-10 games be placement matches to put you in a tier group with other players that are in the same range. Games that are matched by rep can be Ranked. However also have an unranked mode for those who just want to chill and not deal with the tryhards all the time.


These can stay as they are or however they want to do it. Keep the matchup sequence before the games start that they have now, and also have a winners sequence that shows all the stats/and emotes if they want (see OverWatch end of match sequence)


Only thing I would like to see is for them to go the NBA Live route,and remix the instrumentals while the games is playing, that way we can stream and upload videos with actual sound in them.

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