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NBA 2k11 Custom Arena Music

Please use this thread to post any and all Custom Arena Music info.

Quick overview for XBOX 360 users:

TWO WAYS to get music in the game:

Option 1. Burn mp3s onto a cd-r/rw as an AUDIO CD. Mp3 disc or data disc doesnt work.

Your traditional 70-80 minute audio cd-r is the only way to go.
- After being ripped to your XBOX 360 harddrive, you need to create playlists for the game to recognize.

Option 2. Using your computer, you can set up your music files to stream back and forth.

Via Tools-->options-->library-->configure sharing in WMP, you can create a connection to your 360.

For PS3 users, playlists appear to be needed. This is done via the ps3 'dashboard' interface.
Option #1:
-Using a USB flash drive, you can copy over all of the content that you desire, and start your playlist set up that way.
-STEP 2 of this process is pressing TRIANGLE in the menu, to display all. Now you need to copy all of the tracks onto your system. After doing so, you can press TRIANGLE again and sort by ARTIST or ALBUM. ARTIST sorting as you'll read later down in this post is the basis of the playlists.

Option #2
-Using a CD-R as an mp3 disc also works to copy your music
-Using a CD-R as an audio disc also works.


It has been confirmed by 2k devs that ps3 playlists do NOT shuffle properly in game. Apparently it has been fixed for the upcoming patch. As of right now, the PS3 custom arena music only plays one song per event.


Everyone may be familiar with last years project file. It started with users on OS just throwing out suggestions of what should or could be played at particular venues. Myself and the future 420 teamed up and added a lump sum of additions and really steam rolled for a "standardized" file set that every one could use. We took suggestions and turned them into actual in game events. The participation was great to see. You just may see your suggestion in this set.

Anyways, onto this year. It's basically more of the same. I took it upon myself to sync up last years songs to my ipod and really get the sound levels playing all at the same level. Throw in some new tracks thanks in large part to Ronyell and Zen_Master07, and it's a true upgrade or update from last years set.

What's new this year:
-More in game arena variety. Organ based arenas like Boston, Atlanta, Utah, New York, and LAL will have at least half of their playlists set to organ music
-Added in all new CHANT TEAMS and CHANT DEFENSE (thanks to zen_master07) for all teams to use
-New custom made team specific tipoff tracks
-At least 100 new LONG tracks
-Dozens of the latest hip hop and pop hits of the past summer (thanks Ronyell and zen)
-Just a true overhaul in every department

Lastly, there are now two file download options available

File option #1

UPDATED AS OF 10/05/10
1A. XBOX 360 STREAMING FILE SET, with M3U playlists already set up. PLUG and PLAY essentially (NON MAC VERSION)
-Everything set up and ready to go with 120+ playlists.
-Random groups were initiated for LONG and HOMEup/AWAUYup tracks. This leads to many venues feeling totally unique from others.
-True accuracy isn't really there but We strived for that generic authenticity
-For example, Thunder may not even have thunder sounds when going up court, but this playlist has it. Same with many many other sounds. Does Minnesota play Enter Sandman for tipoff? Likely not. In fact, I found that over half of the NBA uses the same 2-3 tipoff songs.
-Via the help of zen master, a few teams have a majority of their home up/away up tracks as ORGAN based. This is in tune with the real NBA. Again, they may not be the real sound of that specific organ, but it's an organ. Truely specific content would limit this file to 10-20 tracks.
-Again this playlist is about true unique VIDEO GAME GENERIC AUTHENTIC variety
-htm webpage shows you where you should ideally play your playlists
-readme file lets you know that this file may not be for you if you plan to import into itunes.
-NOTED BELOW: This file set ONLY includes initial file set & update #1 and update #2

Look below for more additions you can add yourself.
File option #2 and #3
XBOX 360 & PS3
Perfect for iTunes importing on MAC or PC.

EDIT: APRIL 2011.. If you are new and want to use this option, skip to the bottom of the page for the mega set. The mega set encompasses all of the links below
(Warning: Throughout this thread, there is mention of a file option #2 and file option #3. Only one file option was truly needed and it works on both systems, so only one link is currently available. Don't be confused by this as you read the thread.)
-These will work for both systems. Don't mind the zip file name. (read above)
-Here I took Ronyell's advice and set up mp3 tags for ALBUM, and ARTIST.
-ALBUM is usually talking about the event type. LONG, IN GAME, TIPOFF, MENU etc.
-ARTIST will show you if its a GENERIC track listing or a team based track.
-Very easy to navigate through the files via this method
-ZERO playlists were created with this set.
-The beauty of it all is that you'll have a week to do as you please with this.
Look below for more additions you can add yourself.

Follow the above links to two download sets to be added to your file option #2 or file option #3 set. They are mostly generic tracks. I thought it was easier to have expansion updates instead of completely re uploading an entire new set.

Look below for more additions you can add yourself.

2k11 Custom Music Screenshot


TIPOFF- Generally speaking, after the games intro music ends, you have 15-20 seconds of "tipoff" music to coincide with the games tipoff

LONG- Generally speaking, when timeouts are called, the camera pans out to the crowd, and the LONG event kicks in.

HOME UP- Generally speaking, when the home team is in possession of the ball

AWAY UP- Generally speaking, when the away team is in possession of the ball

CHANT DEFENSE- Essentially what AWAY UP is. Most people tend to use the same playlists for both of HAWAY UP and CHANT DEFENSE event. Interchangeable with the AWAY UP event.

CHANT TEAM- Much like the Chant Defense event, this one focuses on when the HOME team has the ball. Interchangeable with the HOME UP event.

HALFTIME- This is a MENU music track that is usually played in and around the halftime menus. (im not exactly sure if this was fully functional last year)

This would play when the POTG menu is on the screen showing stats and highlights. I tend to throw in some end of the game classics or stick with some "I'm the &*^$" type hip hop songs.


This thing felt like a full time job the past few weeks. glad its over. There is so much behind the scenes little things that many won't even notice, but a lot of steps were take to ensure a quality file set.


ADDITIONAL FILE SETS FOR FILE OPTION #2/3 users. These can also be used for file option #1 users. One would need to reedit the playlists with the new files inside of the playlists.

These file sets are avaibable all through out the thread. Here are some notables provided by various users.

socal123 posted this set with a dozen or so various files

almatic posted this 20-24 file set piece with various types of files.

bonethugmug posted these two sets recently:

squeakybirnhaum has these great HOME UP tracks:

There are many many others that you need to check out as well.

*I cannot verify these to be at the same dB level for all tracks or even then to work or play on the ps3

lastly, My very own UPDATE #3 that adds onto the other updates..
The above filesets compliment the other file updates well. There are a few duplicates but weed through that yourself..

A new edition for November. I dont want to call it update #4, but its just a new fileset to add onto the others:

FILE OPTION #2/3 MEGA SET... This basically includes all of the above links compiled together. It includes the main file set #2/3, the two main expansion updates #1 and #2 and almost all of the files linked to from above by various posters.
Includes pretty much every file that was posted here in link form, every file file set update. Even the recommendations that were given were in turn, created. Pretty much, if you had downloaded everything separately, this is what you'd have accumulated eventually.

Warning, No audio adjustments have been made. Please use a program like mp3gain to mass adjust the files.

PS3 gamers have given values of 87 to89dB as the recommended settings
XBOX 360 gamers have given values ranging from 93 to 97dB

PART 1 rar file:

PART 2 rar file:

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Re: NBA 2k11 Custom Arena Music

HOORAH! Thanks!
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Re: NBA 2k11 Custom Arena Music

this is major!
thank you so much!
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Re: NBA 2k11 Custom Arena Music

Excellent. Glad this thread is up. I was researching the 91-92 Bulls and Blazers and discovered this so far.

91-92 Bulls

Tipoff - None
TO - Start me up
TO - ROCK in the USA
TO - what I like about you
TO - Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
TO - The Hey Song
Halftime - Eye of the Tiger
TO - The Hey Song
Team away - Queen We will rock you
Game - Na na na na Hey goodbye

91-92 Blazers

Tipoff - Pump up the Jam
TO - ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man
TO - Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane?
TO - Rock this town
TO - Start me up - coming back from timeout
TO - Strike it up
TO - Oh Yeah - Yello
Team away - Queen We will rock you
Away Error - Oh Yeah - Yello
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Re: NBA 2k11 Custom Arena Music

Depending on how accurate the retro sounds are that they mentioned in the audio insight, a smaller music set for retro games may be something to look into
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Re: NBA 2k11 Custom Arena Music

Can someone convert the 360 file to MP3's for PS3?
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Re: NBA 2k11 Custom Arena Music

Originally Posted by CFRMIC$
Can someone convert the 360 file to MP3's for PS3?
Theres no need. Just download one.
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Re: NBA 2k11 Custom Arena Music

There is no playlist for classic venues, so thats really out of the question. Someone in the Q&A thread mentioned counting 30 arenas, plus all arenas. Like last year.

So i guess you could go with the all ARENA playlist for the classic teams, and turn it off so it doesnt disrupt other real arenas afterwards.

Who knows though until we try it out. Maybe half or all of these generic home up tracks are worthless with the new sounds . Maybe all of those in game playlists need a fine tuning after we hear what each arena has.

This is really just the starting point. Playlists are easy to manipulate so before you know it, we can see the true blend of the new 2k11 sounds mixed with some of the tracks here
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