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NBA 2K12: Rebuilding the Cavaliers

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NBA 2K12: Rebuilding the Cavaliers

It may seem daunting, but rebuilding the Cleveland Cavaliers is not an impossible task.

Read More - NBA 2K12: Rebuilding the Cleveland Cavaliers
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Re: NBA 2K12: Rebuilding the Cavaliers

Yes I like this better then managing the Heat which takes little effort. Im sure Otis Smith can manage the Heat.

My first move would be to get rid of Varejo (spelling?). He is just one of those type of players that you just hate for some reason. The only thing I see him doing is flopping all the time. I would package him with one of the guards and go after a SG that is a pure shooter for Irving to kick it out to. Someone like a JJ Reddick

My second move I would try to trade Jameson (Spelling?) for a defensive big, or a SF that can handle the ball. Like a Hedo Turkoglu type player. I just have never been a fan of Jameson. This will help take advantage of Kyrie's shooting ability and he can move without the ball and use screens to get open.

Other then that I dont thin the Cavs have the pieces to trade to help make them a decent team. Lucky for the Cavs though, all you need is money in 2k12 to sigh free agents because like Noah say, "Who wants to go to Cleveland? Would you go on vacation in Cleveland?" lol. So luckly the Cavs can build through free agency. I would look to pick up more scoring options in the FA pool. Through the draft I would look to pick up role players, and defense. No doubt you will have a lottery pick also.
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I traded Sessions and Jamison for Eric Gordon and Emeka Okafer. You can keep Okafer or flip him to the Kings for a 2nd rd pick and Travis Outlaw to get cap space.
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Being from Cleveland, every year I take on the task of rebuilding the Cavs. So far I've made two small money signings that make sense and leaves me with flexibility for the future. I signed Ohio native Michael Redd as my backup SG and Cleveland native James Posey as my backup SF. I think I will have enough cap space to sign a max free agent (if I see fit) and I will try to stock pile picks by trading veterans (Andy and Jamison). I hope to add Harrison Barnes or Perry Jones through the draft next year and sign another wing talent (mad JR Smith isn't in the game). In my first game I destroyed the Celtics by 15 due to the outside shooting from Casspi, Redd, Jamison and Parker. Irving's penetration opened everything up and Thompson and Andy owned the glass. Luckily 2k doesn't add in player bias or big market lure, so I should have a good chance of snagging a top 5 pick and a free agent to add some scoring for next year. I'm gunning for 7th or 8th seed this year at least. Just have to play our uptempo style.
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Toronto Raptors. Only one player with a 70+ rating
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Re: NBA 2K12: Rebuilding the Cavaliers

Its not that hard to rebuild the Cavs. Only thing I disagree with about the article is Eyenga and Samuels being long term answers for the team. In my third season, Eyenga has a 69 OVR, he starts for me at the 2, a lot like Thabo for the Thunder. Samuels is a 71 OVR and is the first big off the bench for me. Gives me some inside scoring and a big body in the paint, he plays like a more athletic version of big baby.

When I started, I traded the players I didnt want for picks. Jamison and Sessions for Okafur and their 1st round pick, and Andy to the Spurs for their first round pick. Both these trades freed up playing time for players like Boobie, Samuels, and Eyenga.
My starting 5 then was Irving, Eyenga, Caspi, Thompson, Okafur. AP, Samuels, Gee, and Hollins makes up the second unit.
After two drafts my starting 5 is Irving, Eyenga, Barnes, Thompson, and Drummond. OJ Mayo, Samuels, and Boobie make up the majority of the second unit.
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I am a Thunder fan first and foremost, but every year I get the most enjoyment out of rebuilding an organization. This year I haven't started my rebuilding yet but I have narrowed it down to 3 teams: the Bobcats, Nets or the Cavs.
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