NBA 2K15 PC Screenshot of Kevin Durant

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Re: NBA 2K15 PC Screenshot of Kevin Durant

Originally Posted by 23
Thats not going to happen man. They have talented artists who probably have much more to deal with than just modding a few things here and there and also edicts from the NBA on top of that on what they can and cannot do.

They decided to give the PC version the same game to work with instead to let us do it ourselves.... I like that.
Oh I know they're very talented, you just have to glance at the game to see that. Just hoping that some of those small details can be fixed or polished by next year. I know it's really small, but we're almost at that point with 2k where small things are the things left to fix. There's always some gameplay that needs to be tweaked, but as far as the look, small details are the only thing left to fix really.
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Re: NBA 2K15 PC Screenshot of Kevin Durant

I totally agree. The little things are little but they make a big difference
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Re: NBA 2K15 PC Screenshot of Kevin Durant

Yeah the art team should keep doing what they're doing but I agree they should hire a resident nit-picker artist who can iron out the wrinkles of the little things, that would be awesome.
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Re: NBA 2K15 PC Screenshot of Kevin Durant

Originally Posted by Nza
A bit "low res" for a PC screenie, but cool anyway.

Clipping in games is one area I'm disappointed in in general - seems like something that gaming should have been able to solve by now, but it is consistently one of the least well done things in many games. I guess since it's something you only notice in screenshots, it isn't such a big deal, but sports games seems particularly prone to it being a problem in live motion as well - player collisions are clearly getting better, but stuff like hands contacting a rim on a dunk are still hit and miss.
the horizontal resolution is 1900x dude...although its an odd resolution but crystal clear so that tells me the resolution is gonna be sexy at resolutions beyond 1080p.

Also there is a tiny lack of tessellation around them ears like a few pointed out but hey...this is the best looking screen shot of NBA2k15 out of any of the console versions. I have to get the PS4 version too because of my buddies that only play on PS4....but i am getting the PC version for myself.

Originally Posted by dre2
Finally something to play on this monster rig! Can't wait to play this in 1440p!
Originally Posted by myownsun
Truth be spoken
1080p Downsampled from a much higher resolution is very impressive as well. Regardless...us PC gamers will be having a glorious time playing this baby on high end PC's. My rig is ready and waiting.

By the way...in no way am i one of those immature fanboys. I know PS4 will produce some equally stunning games from Sony's first party studios. Lets see Naughty Dog do its magic and have you seen DriveClub, that PS4 exclusive game lately? Wow....as a PC enthusiast that has been building my own PC's since the late 90's....Drive Club is by far the best looking racing game i ever layed eye's on and yes i've played various recent builds of Pcars on PC...its not even close guys. Higher Resolutions and higher AA and AF is what PC's mostly give you in games these days as most games are console ports but now that PC is gaining in popularity as a games platform like how it was back in the early 2k years...remember playing Quake 3 Arena on PC? Oh my goodness was that such a beautiful game and believe it or not...some COD games still use that old engine lol..although heavily modified. The next COD coming out this winter is finally using a new engine...
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Re: NBA 2K15 PC Screenshot of Kevin Durant

Originally Posted by Moegames
the horizontal resolution is 1900x dude...
Hrm, I'm sure the screen in this thread when it was made was much lower res than what's there now. Anyway, yeah that's a fine PC res to show off with.
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