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NBA Live 18 Sliders

Hey Guy's,

Just thought i would post my NBA Live 18 sliders that i've created. After putting in close to 10 hours+ just tweaking around with sliders i think/hope i've found a pretty good combo. These sliders were tested with both teams rather than sticking to one team in the demo. These sliders could be used as a base for people as well and conduct their own tweaking to find a good combo for their style of play. Some categories you may think WTF but trust them. e.g. Blocks are 0 but still plenty of blocks. These were tested on ALL STAR & could be used on SUPERSTAR. My next job is to tweak them for SUPERSTAR to see if i can improve them. I hope everyone likes them and please let me know your thoughts. USER SLIDER ON LEFT & AI ON RIGHT.

Gamespeed: 65 USER A.I

Inside Shot Ability 40 40
Mid Range Shooting 60 60
3-Point Shooting 40 40
Free Throw Shooting 20 40
Post Shooting 60 70
Driving Layup Ability 40 30
Post Move Effectiveness 60 70
Dunk Frequency 70 60
Reach In Foul Frequency 50 50
Jump Shot Foul Frequency 60 60
Post Shot Foul Frequency 40 40
Layup Foul Frequency 70 70
Dunk Foul Frequency 30 30
Offensive In Air Collision 20 10
Offensive On ground Collision 10 40
Defensive In Air Collision 10 10
Defensive On Ground Collision 40 20
Steal Success 30 40
Ally Oop Success 20 30
Shot Off Dribble Impact 50 50
Shot Contest impact 50 50
Shot Blocking Ability 0 0
Offensive Rebound Frequency 100 100
Off Ball Push Off Frequency 50 50
Off Ball Push Off Success 30 30
Off Ball Jostle Success 20 20
Jostle Vs Blow By 30 40
Dribble Move Reaction Frequency 60 40
I am new here please be nice

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Re: NBA Live 18 Sliders

Everyone is playing on 75-80 game speed I'm just curious why you dropped it to 60. It comes on 70 by default
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Re: NBA Live 18 Sliders

I can only assume that most people are playing on default sliders with little to no changes and have bumped up the game speed to 75-80 for personal preference of game style. Personally i prefer gamespeed on 60-65. The great thing about LIVE is i found with these sliders i made when you drop the gamespeed it doesn't actually slow it down if that makes sense it slows how quickly they use the shot clock in most cases with the exception of you or the AI running a great play or screen and being able to get that early open shot. These sliders work well anywhere between 60-70 but i haven't tried them any higher as i thought 70 (default) was fine, i just tweaked that. Play them both on 60-70 and then at 75-80 and let me know the differences?. The sliders i made created a pretty good representation of stats (boxscore team stats) with the exception of a few minor things that may occur that can't be helped because its a game but overall i like the stats i was getting. The gamespeed on any speed is up to the user as the sliders are more of a success rate thing. I hope this explains my theory haha.
I am new here please be nice
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