I cant' run at all...

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Re: I cant' run at all...

Originally Posted by geetarguy
That's the thng. I never have enough time for holes to open. Here are the results after 12 attempts. Note each one was separated by about 3 or 4 pass plays.

2 yd gain
4 yd gain
-4 yard gain
-3 yd gain
9 yd gain
1 yd gain
5 yd gain
1 yd gain
0 yd gain
0 yd gain
3 yd gain
6 yd gain

Terrible numbers. Ps I was playing San Jose state with bama
I know how you feel. I hate the running game this year. The CPU run D just seems psychic. AS soon as I hike the ball 2-3 defenders have already shed their blocks and are in the backfield. No matter how good my teams running backs are, a team like SMU can just blast through my OL and instantly drop my back.
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Re: I cant' run at all...

Try to lower the run defense slider to 10. This should help a lot. Otherwise players shed blocks way too fast and are psychic. It also helps to
lower the CPU defensive aggression slider so they don't blitz every down.
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Re: I cant' run at all...

use auto sprint(very important). also if u start a game and cant run, pass to open it up for a quarter. then start running. follow your linemen or fullback. don't slam the right stick forward till your in the hole or u see it open up. use alot of motion to move the d around and be ready to flip or change run play to go to the number advantage. I play with FistofRage's heisman sliders and run for about 190 a game with uconn. on playmakers i don't even have to pass the ball. can run 100% of the time. the running game is very good, almost to good on lower levels. i also play on normal speed with 50 threshold which i know alot of guys are not doing. run your iso's, power O's and stretch plays to the 3 tech side. run counters, sprints and tosses to the 1 tech side. draws can go either way and are the only run plays that you to change blocking assignments.
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Re: I cant' run at all...

it's hard to run the ball when the cpu jumps 80% of the snaps, and you have 3 DL guys using swim moves and are instantly in the backfield.

Just played a playnow using a set of sliders on here...florida vs emu. EMU's DL DOMINATED UF's OL. I think everytime the CPU used a swim move, they blew up the play which was about 90% of the time.

i can see why people are becoming disenchanted with the ncaa series. this years game is a good game, but there's FAR too many issues.

the option blocking assignments are all fouled up.
the CPU has 100% success rate on special moves with DL guys
at 55 pass coverage, the cpu literally runs the route for the WR's.

on AA default, I saw major major issues and managed to run the ball 41 times for 58 yards as a A rated team vs a C- team.
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Re: I cant' run at all...

I don't know what you are doing. I just rushed for 353 yards with FSU, I was against Miami on All-American. 5 min quarters
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