Is there a Threshold consensus

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Re: Is there a Threshold consensus

Originally Posted by Sundown2600
In years past I always went with a low threshold. This year I won't play with a theshold under 70 and the reason why is simple...pass defense. Oraeon tested this weeks ago and found that the lower the threshold the worse the pass defense is on this year's game. FistofRage has confirmed this in his testing as well and I have found the same results. I play with my threshold between 70-100.

Oraeon also tested the speed disparity between WRs, LBs and DBs and came to a conclusion that a higher value threshold gives more of a real world gap. Some ppl complain about their RBs and WRs being caught from behind on high threshold levels but they fail to take into account pursuit angles, the momentum lost when a skill player catches a ball or makes a cut, and acceleration and agility ratings. I promise you a D-lineman will not catch Dat Thomas or any other speed guy from behind if that skill player's momentum is not hindered in some way.

Another contentious issue is game play speed. A guy playing on Fast speed will not see the same things I see playing on slow or very slow even if we are using the same threshold. I used to hate very slow speed just up to a week ago, but due to some testing and also the fact that the game field is not as big as it should be when taking the size of the players into account I believe that very slow speed gives the most accurate 40 times and IMO it gives the most true to life game play experience.
You are right about the slower game speeds reflecting the 40 times better, but with a faster game speed the reaction times are more accurate.

There is more anticipation in the faster game speeds than the slower game speeds, so I guess you have to decide what you want to experience. I love having to anticipate where a running lane will be or when a throwing lane will open. How quickly a passing window will open then close. In slower game speeds its too easy to recognize those elements.

Slower game speed accurate 40 times , or faster game speed for accurate reaction time.
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Re: Is there a Threshold consensus

After further testing, the speed threshold should be set at 40. Pass defense should be set at 60 or higher. Now players can run outside without averaging 12 yards a rush, defensive backs can keep up with recievers on crossing routes and streaks, and long scoring plays are reduced to 2 or less a game versus A+ defenses.
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Re: Is there a Threshold consensus

I will add to this thread by saying I play with speed threshold at 20 on slow speed. The threshold really depends on what rosters you use honestly. If you use a roster with spread out SPD/ACC ratings, the lower the threshold the better, but if you are using a roster with higher ACC than SPD ratings, the higher the threshold the better IMO.
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