Should I bother to look at 1* recruits?

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Re: Should I bother to look at 1* recruits?

Originally Posted by Romeclone
Yeah, one star recruits can add some value depending on what skill they might be good at.

I had a guy years ago when I ran a NIU dynasty on the Ps2 that was a 1 * that I just filled out the roster with because he had a nice hands rating.

He was slow, had no size or acc but he could catch. Man could he catch. He became my 3rd down guy in his sophmore season and was always clutch when I needed to pick up the first. No matter if he took a hit or not. He was starting for me as a JR and cought over 60 balls as a SR. Loved that guy, he was one of my fav Madden/NcAA guys ever.
This is one of my favorite things about these games!

I wouldn't say they're worthless... it's just a matter of whether you want to spend time on them. They could have one or two specific skills that could come in handy at various points during your season, but as a 1* school, I'd rather take some shots in the dark at 3* guys who would be 2- or 3- year starters instead of throwing time each week at 1* guys... but to each his own i guess. I can see the value in it and when you are a 1* school (like EMU or ArkSt) you HAVE to be realistic about who you can get
for the love...
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Re: Should I bother to look at 1* recruits?

I play as 1* Tulane in my dynasty, and recruited 1* guys the first 2 years and can say they are pretty useless. I would usually end up cutting every 1* guy that made the team. No matter who you are playing as, it is useless to recruit 1* guys during the season. Wait until the offseason, because there will still be guys available who will be willing to sign when you have leftover scholarships.

I keep track of my dynasty and the recruits, and in my first 2 recruiting classes I had 9 1* recruits. 8 of them were cut before the season and 1 was cut the year after redshirting. There ratings are broken down below:

1 at 40 OVR.
3 at 41
1 at 43
1 at 46 (a JUCO)
1 at 47
2 at 52 (a JUCO and a punter)

The only guy who was on the roster for a year was the punter because I wanted to see how he progressed, but I never saw since I was forced to cut him the next year. He was awful anyway... I think he had something like 52 kick power and 52 accuracy. I will say that 1* guys are better than the walk-ons I have had (all mine have been 40 OVR and useless), but you'd be better off making position changes with some of your other guys than having a 1* or walk-on on the team. Usually the JUCOs are rated a little higher, but are just as (or more) useless.

That being said, I rarely have a 2 or 3* recruit that comes in rated higher than a 60. I can usually pull in 5 to 8 3*s (All-American recruiting) and there are usually a couple 3* guys who are rated at 52 or 53. It's very disappointing when your best recruits are busts... and I love that the game is made that way.
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Re: Should I bother to look at 1* recruits?

im also ark st. im actually having a good season so far with wins at auburn and at neb. lost to ul monroe. go figure. siting at 6-2
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Re: Should I bother to look at 1* recruits?

They aren't all terrible. Just this past season I recruited 3 MLB. Two 3* and one 1*. The two 3* came in rated 62 and 55 and the 1* came in as a 56. I have had 3* guys come in as 40's. Recuiting is really great this year. It allows for some gems and some guys end up being busts. I love it.
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Re: Should I bother to look at 1* recruits?

I only target a 1* recruit if i absolutely have to...I'm playing with Eastern Michigan aka the worst team ever assembled lol....if i lose one of my 2 or 3* recruits late in the season i might have no choice but to choose a 1* to fill that spot....but i did notice my first season in which i went 5-7, that the 2 walk ons i got were rated slightly higher than the 1*
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