Is this game worth $60?

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Re: Is this game worth $60?

No, I got this with the Toys R' Us deal with the $25 gift card and so far my impressions of this game have been more of the same with new problems and unnecessary changes. Hardly any penalties, fumbles, or injures(which makes depth meaningless), with commentary and presentation basically the same from NCAA 12, the last game in the series I owned and it wasn't exactly raising the bar even then.

Defense for the user is broken and every qb regardless of rating plays the same, going 28/38 3 tds. The game often hangs after a td is scored meaning you have to press x/a every time, I know that one may be nitpicky, but it's annoying and shouldn't be there anyway. I wouldn't recommend this game for $65 bucks, but go for it if you can find it for cheap and really need a football fix.
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Re: Is this game worth $60?

It's amazing the polar opposite opinions on this game on this website.

I personally love the game and have been having a blast with it. I'm glad I spent 60 bucks on release day for it.

In the end it comes down to your own personal opinion. On here you will hear that it is the best NCAA football this gen, or you will hear that it is pure garbage and not playing. Only way to find out is to play it yourself.
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Re: Is this game worth $60?

I wanna rent this game to just try it out so I'm thinking about going with gamefly for the month trial since they don't have it on redbox to rent.
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Re: Is this game worth $60?

Game is horrible I picked it up for 25 bucks on craigslist.

Gamestop is only offering 26 for it so I would not pay cash price over 26 for it.
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Re: Is this game worth $60?

If money's tight, don't buy.
If money;s no object, then it's a must buy.
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Re: Is this game worth $60?

I bought it because of the demo, and the gameplay feels a lot better, but there are a LOT of glitches that abound that I doubt will get fixed. Some don't detract from the gameplay itself, like focus reamining on a motionless ball after a td score. Others, like the QB keeping the ball himself on a lot of the read option/ sweeps when you use the shotgun/ flexbone/ wingbone formations, really suck. That glitch alone makes me regret buying it, but then again I know that I wouldn't be satisfied with anything that doesn't use this physics engine again: that remains the dealbreaker, because anything prior just doens't "feel" real anymore after playing this one
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