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Re: QB Injuries

I have restarted my franchise couple times but once I ended up in a situation in which both of my QBs (Matt Hasselbeck and Seneca Wallace) were out. I donīt remember what was it called but Matt's injury was so severe that I had to place him on IR.

It was also on first year so the trainer sucked and healing took too much time with Seneca also. The game is great but if you get injuries on first year itīs bad because the "default" trainers of many teams suck and then rehab takes time and players easily get injured again (at least I think so).
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Re: QB Injuries

I drafted Wade Appling, a QB in the second year of the Zazzali draft that has a POT of 95, and I think he must have concussion problems.

I drafted him in like the 4th round, so I thought I had a steal with this kid, which I probably do, but I'm afraid he'll get injured.

His health after the first 3 preseason games is like 82, which isn't bad, but when I looked at his body chart, all his limbs were in the 90s or at 100 and green, but his head is 35 and bright red!!! Crap.

My trainer has a 99 skill so I think he'll be ok. But I'm not sure if I should worry.
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Re: QB Injuries

Originally Posted by SolidMarine
Ive simmed the NE v KC game in week 1 proly about 100 times trying to get Brady injured so I could develop Cassel, with no luck. So Ive had the same issue. Ive never thought I would want Brady to get hurt so bad in my life. He's impossible to injure.
In my current franchise, Brady actually tore his acl in the 3rd week. When I saw it, I had to make sure I read it correctly, considering his durability is incredibly high in this game and that its so Ironic.
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