OS Roundtable: Do You Have Confidence in Next-Gen Sports Game Launches?

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Just started!
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Does anyone in this new age of crying and whining have any faith in anything?
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The primary purpose of these games at this point is to make money for greedy immoral investors and the leadership of the companies who could care less about the integrity of the games or honoring the sport they are representing. Greed will lead to corners being cut and less money given to things like quality control. Video games are a very good expositions of the excess of late-stage capitalism.*
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No confidence at all.* This has been the worst year for sports & sports entertainment games that I can remember.* Not only do wee have fewer choices than ever, but the ones that are left are mostly bug-ridden, micro-transaction dependent disasters.**
I also have little hope any of these will be any better experiences in the next gen.* I'm fine living in the past off previous games.* I've felt a slow slow decline in recent years, but this year things seem to have fallen off a cliff.*
I bought WWE 2k19 last year for $25.* There is zero chance I'm moving to 2k20.* Bought Madden 20 and I still have a love/hate with it. I'll keep it because then I'll have it next year to keep me away from 21.* From my perspective Madden needs a completely new engine in order to get noticeably better.*
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Why should we.* Just only looking at Features.* If you look at the PS2/Xbox era of games the games seemed to be overflowing with features from deep Franchise / Superstar modes to the creation on everything on the field. Fast forward to the 360 / ps3 era Lot of the features of the old gen are gone and yes new ones are in but i feel there was some sacrifice for better graphics.* *Now go to where we are currently at the Xbox 1 and PS4 the games seem so bare bone and every game feels the same.* *BUT the one thing that always seems to get attention in Ultimate team.* * I have to give the teams some props because if feels they are stating to add back to the career mode but if you look at games from 04 to 07/08 the games where all so deep and fun.
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