Video Game Football Stinks, and No One Seems to Notice

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I just love it. I love how if it was me or a "normal" person would have made this thread I or anyone would have had my thread deleted and we would have gotten a infraction.
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Re: Video Game Football Stinks, and No One Seems to Notice

Originally Posted by mastershake88
I just love it. I love how if it was me or a "normal" person would have made this thread I or anyone would have had my thread deleted and we would have gotten a infraction.
Can I report an article for insulting my intelligence?
Originally Posted by Alexis de Tocqueville
The America Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.
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Some good points, some bad points. Soccer, boring. Football, action! Nuff said for me!!!
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I agree with this. Football does stink compared to soccer when it comes to Video Games. Soccer is getting to the point online where it will be the most rewarding game to play.

Defense is boring in a football game. Football games take forever to finish. They need to make the games last 20-30mins. A soccer game is 10 mins online. Same with Hockey. Basketball leaves way too much to chance and the passing has never been good at all.

In soccer, you have games with incredible passing. The main issue with soccer is scoring glitches, but those can be irnoed out. The amount of glitches in a football game each year are too numerous to count.

All that being said, I will give Madden a shot this year for the first time on a next gen console. If it lets me down again, I am done with EA football games until there is a dramatic reason for me to change my opinion.

Foootball games just seem to laborous for the most part. The only series that was not was the 2k series. I hope Madden09 can return that feeling.
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Re: Video Game Football Stinks, and No One Seems to Notice

Originally Posted by opiumtodd
Man, oh, man! I've yet to respond (so sorry). It's Todd, the JACKASS of this article. Many thoughts, but I'm harried and hurried right now. Aim to get them over by night's end!

Just Kidding.

I think calling people suckers was a big mistake, especially with your review of NCAA.

However, I understand what's going on here. I would have done the same as you. If I think football games stink and the consumers are suckers I would have written a scathing review...that is until EA came along and offered me tickets to the Cubs game and a few benjis.

Congratulations sir on keeping bribary going. I have freelanced and know how tough that life can be. By accepting bribes for reviews you have helped out your wallet.

Well played my friend, well played.
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So what a minute. This guy gave these games positive reviews in EGM, but now he's saying that they stink? Score one for credibility.

Anyway, I think we're close here to the inherent problem, that video game football is just not very good. There are too many variables at one time and it seems as if EA Sports does not have developers, or more likely, a development life cycle plan in place that is capable of handling how complex of a game football is.

We're talking about 22 guys on the field at the same time who are ALL very important to the play each and every snap. That's not true in baseball. It's true in soccer, but as he says it's a slower moving game, so there is more time for reactions to occur. Basketball is only 10 guys, and while there are plays run, it's not even close to football. And hockey is close, but there are 10 (+2 goalies) players TOTAL on the ice at one, so you're talking less than half of the players to program. And football has many more technical things to worry about such as all the routes, zones, man to man, blitzing, etc.

I've said it a million times, and I'll say it again. Video game football should absolutely NOT be released once a year, if these companies truly care about making the best game possible. It should be released every 2 years, with roster updates in the middle, and also a draft class file that everyone can download and implement into the dynasty mode.

But we know overall quality is not the goal in all of this. Profits are, and there is no chance in hell EA Sports is ever going to change their development cycle so they can drastically improve the game over 2 years rather than 1. So this entire discussion is moot to begin with.

I would imagine that programming a football game is very tough to get right. And that's even without all of their "we'll try to get that in next year" excuses when it comes to the little things that don't even have anything to do with how the AI performs on the field.

We can complain about this on message boards all we want, and of course we'll continue to do it. It's what people generally do best, complain. But I'm telling you people, there NEEDS to be some point where you all say enough is enough, and you just stop buying the game. Think about it. If even just 400-500,00 people in one year did this, EA Sports would notice. You can't expect sales to go from 4 million to 1 million just on protest, there aren't that many people with the will power to do it. But even from 4 million to somewhere in the mid 3.5 million range, it would be a huge deal for EA Sports.

Anybody here seen the movie Se7en? "Anymore, if you want to get someone's attention, you can't just tap them on the shoulder. You have to hit them over the head with a sledgehammer." EA Sports does not care about message board complaints. They care about CASH. Period.
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Gonna have to agree with the grades. Both NHL09 and my namesake are both cutting edge representations of their sports. Next for faithfulness for the game is NBA2k series. Madden/NCAA, while popular are behind the next-gen curve. But I have faith in Ian and Co. down at sunny Tiburon. But still the fact remains that Madden fans are very resistant to change. And both games need some serious changing to even begin to approach the level of either Fifa or NHL. Good read! Brian
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Oh well i already sent my ncaa football 09 back i cant stand this game anymore. for a person who luv def more offense just cant play this game. The AI have dumb to a point where i cant enjoy it . def players pursuit angle are horrible. def players helping the offense player running to the endzone on kick offs and put returns. i mean come on man im watching replay where my def player could of take a angle to tackle him instead he running with him to the endzone i mean come on man. Enough is enough im done with ea sports. EA sports "If its not in the game then shhhhhhhtttttttttt you out luck brothda. *Slams door in your face to go count your money*. That EA sports logo.
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