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Re: OS Fact or Fiction: UFC vs. Fight Night Edition

I believe UFC will outsell Fight Night. I don't care either way, but I think most fans of UFC are also Videogame fans - that's why we've seen instant replays during live ppv ufc's come courtesy of FarCry2 and other games etc etc...

The game will be a smash hit, it's so ripe for it, the timming is right, everything is right for this game to end up being a platinum hit.

I like both sports, I'm not making any money either way, so I hope both are good, but I already know UFC game is flat out awesome.
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UFC will be greater than FNR4 far and away. In the older fight nights, there was no point to being anyone but a heavyweight, but in UFC and MMA in general, some of the most entertaining fights are 2 welterweights. That reason alone gives it more replayability, because every class is fun to play with.
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Re: OS Fact or Fiction: UFC vs. Fight Night Edition

Originally Posted by acarrero
Fight Night should be the better game. First, it has better athletes than Undisputed. You just can't compare a game with athletes like Ali, Tyson, and Frazier, Pacquiao, Cotto to one with Spider Silva, and whoever else is good in MMA. Obviously I'm not a big MMA fan, but lets face it, it's not the big leagues of fighting - the real money and the really good athletes are in boxing. The tradition also counts for something.

That being said, MVP 06: NCAA Baseball was a better baseball game than any MLB game released that year despite inferior athletes being featured, so Undisputed could be the better video game. I just think with the amount of time and money EA has spent on Fight Night, plus all the intangibles that boxing has over a new sport like MMA, it's expected that Fight Night will be the bigger, better game. But I must admit I'm intrigued by the MMA demo. I might just download it. Even people who don't like MMA are raving about it, so this is certainly a good question you bring up. It's possible MMA lends itself better to video games than boxing, but that's hard to believe considering the rules of each sport and how MMA features both wrestling and boxing.

WOW...It is amazing how LITTLE you actual know about MMA. A str8 up boxer, even the likes of Tyson and ALi would never last 2 minutes in a cage with ANY of the current or PAST MMA greats. Would love to see what Tyson would do when he is on his back, would be amusing to say the least.

Boxers train and train hard. They focus on a couple of aspects. MMA fighters have to prepare for 5 times as many potential situations since their oponents are SKLIIED in several different areas.

No offense, but boxers are babies compared to most MMA fighters.

MOST boxers fight for HUGE money. MMA fighters do it to put the hurt on an oponent then worry about the money.

That being said..."MMA fighters are not the best athletes".


Watch a few fights and then share your opinion.
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Re: OS Fact or Fiction: UFC vs. Fight Night Edition

i like both fight night and ufc threr 2 dif typr of games ill get both them

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I would like to say hello to all of the gamers and confirm that college hoops 2k8 is the best b-ball game on the market and the best college hoops game since coach k.....ufc undisputed is one of the best fighters if not the best fighter released for a home console...Mlb the show is great;however, it is not better than sports talk baseball or tony la russa....the fielding and batting is a little off, madden will not surpass 2k5 until they fix the running game, add all all throwback uniforms, custom views&sound tracks, increase the realism and do away with the hitstick....I should be able to play 10min quarters and have realistic game stats and we need pregame, halftime, end of game shows with game footage and complete new audio track complete with new game announcers and on the field player chatter and sound effects

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Re: OS Fact or Fiction: UFC vs. Fight Night Edition

Well one game is officially out and I must say Fight Night has a huge mountain to climb. UFC Undisputed 2009 is awesome. Best commentary in a sports game period, hands down.
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