Sound off: Your Pre-Show Expectations for E3

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Sound off: Your Pre-Show Expectations for E3

The biggest E3 in years is coming up next week, and expectations are running high with unveils of next-gen consoles and sports gaming along with plenty of new details about current generation games -- including hands on time for several major franchises.

With what is shaping up to be a huge show, what are you expecting to see out of it? Do you think the EA Ignite Engine trailer set the bar too high or do you think the first sports games on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will meet those expectations?

Sound off with your opinion!

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Expectations are high for Playstation 4, XBOX ONE didn't catch my attention. I'm want to see what EA brings to E3, I'm upset with the Microsoft exclusive content.
I have my fingers crossed on a company talking about making a boxing game. This would top off my E3 expectations.
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PS4........I didnt even bother to watch the video. I think XBOX one will dominate this next generation just as XBOX 360 did current gen. Looking forward to seeing more from Madden and XBOX mainly.
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Well you don't see enough of EA Ignite Engine trailer...to even lite your fire, so no we all know how well EA likes to make thing bigger then what they really are...Like the saying goes...IT'S ALL BOUT YOUR FRONT!!!!!!!!. and EA always has made you think that....just really want to see games for Next Gen to see if it's worth buying next gen first day or hold off a year or two.....Real game PLAY no junk fake Trailers the real deal
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Re: Sound off: Your Pre-Show Expectations for E3

Zero for me. I remember the trailer they showed in 2005 for E3 and look what we actually got. People hope year after year that things will get better, but we end up with the same issues, bugs, fluff features, or removal of others. Do you really think it will change this time......
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I am extremely excited. I'm all about Fifa and the graphics. It's hard to imagine such a graphical leap, but I know it's got to be a decent jump. I want to see full sidelines and realistic crowds in Madden. I am super stoked tbh.
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Im super excited for the ps4, ea sports ufc game and if they can imrpove nba live. I want to see how the touch screen is going to be used in game for the ps4. I will still watch microsoft e3 stuff but just to see what they have im most likley going to get the ps4.
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I'm excited about if Nintendo will bring out a new Smash Bros. or Zelda. I'm also hoping that the PS4 will get a price announcement as I'm currently trying to manage my money to be able to buy one sometime next year.
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