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Consumers need to demands more then we can expect better. Who will make the next football game, paradise of the usuals? So on with the other titles. That will be newsworthy. A new developer, pumping out a new college series of ball, and football. Forget EA, &2k. New systems needs new devs.
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For me a new NFL2k would be welcome even with VC.
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Baseball for xbone.

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How sad is it that we doubt there will be more than four (five if we count NBA Live) games covering the four major sports. Remember back in the glory days of sports gaming, when there was a choice of games for just about every sport? Not only straight sim-type games, but also arcade versions (Street, The Bigs, Mutant League). While games have gotten much prettier, and in some ways better, part of me will always miss the days of having that kind of selection of games. Here's hoping E3 has at least some surprise for football, hockey or baseball.
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Old 05-31-2014, 05:40 AM   #13
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Well the lawsuit has been settle on the Ncaa for 40 million for the players likeness. So here is to 2k rising from the dark place EA has put them. As the saying goes what goes around komes back around. So EA has their time and didnt do nothing with it. So Its time for real football to kome back. Lets go 2K get it in.
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Regarding #1, 2K has more to lose than EA because EA has established such a low benchmark. EA's Live series hasn't accomplished much recently due to being such a disappointment over the last few cycles, and EA's complacency and mediocrity have been reasserted with each version of Live.

2K, on the other hand, has established an extremely high bar, and 2K seems to be attempting to move toward EA's exploitation model (capitalizing on their stellar history), but in doing so, they risk alienating their loyal consumer base.

The questions should be, "will EA's Live team finally get its act together" and "will 2K take another step toward self-destruction."

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Icon7 Re: OS Fact or Fiction: Previewing E3 Edition

I hope for a return of NFL 2K and Hockey from 2k. But the best would be all sports games 2k and Ea, no exclusives, just let the fans decide.
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