How customizable is Football Mogul?

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How customizable is Football Mogul?

I know it doesn't get the best of reviews but I was thinking of picking up 2010 (out on 9 SEP) so I can have a football game on my PC to take on business trips.

With that in mind, can anyone tell me how customizable it is? For example, can you add actual player pictures, team logos, etc?

Also, can you customize the league structure? Can you add teams to simulate league expansion or can you shrink the league size?

Any comments on other areas of customization would also be appreciated!
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Re: How customizable is Football Mogul?

I dont think league structure is that flexible, but I believe player photos and logos are possible. not 100% seeing as the last FB Mogul i played was 2008.
it's not too customizable in that I dont think expansion teams are possible, nor shrinking the league.

Hope that helps.
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Re: How customizable is Football Mogul?

Actually, with 09 at least, you can change all sorts of stuff. You can change the city name, team name, population, etc... any and everything to do with the team. You can put it in commish mode and set the league up however you want, any number of teams, divisions, conferences, and so on. All players names and stats can be changed. You can even create your own playbooks and set the playstyle and tendency of each team. Play creation is there as well, you can fill your playbook with all user created plays.

I enjoyed 09 outside of some random stat glitches, and bought if for much the same reason, to have some football on my pc to play with when not at the house. It doesn't hold up to something like front page sports as far as the sim aspect, but it's much easier and quicker to play and has a much more attractive visual presentation. Can't speak on 2010, haven't checked it out.
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