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# 3
Forever_shank_18 @ Jun 16, 2018
Hey man I know we don't know each other or anything like that...but I too am in a very similar situation and I wouldn't wish the pain of not seeing ur son on anyone. It has absolutely crippled who I am as a person. It's hard to think positive because the moment something in my life happens that's good I can't tell him about it. I have to watch him cry for me and I have to just leave. I can't make him feel better. We r prolly different ppl but I just wanted to say thanks man. For a while I thought I was crazy and immature for playing video games at my age. But the reality is that if I don't...I'm heartbroken thinking of my son. Playing 2k def helps. Appreciate what u do bro and thanks again for helping me feel better about it.

Sorry I know it was random but I had to say something lol. Later man.
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# 2
raleigh mcclure @ Jul 17, 2016

Good morning. This is Joe (raleigh mcclure). I was just back on Operation Sports to find some information on NBA 2k draft classes, and I saw a really old message from you (2011). I was wondering how you've been in the last five years.

I downloaded a draft class you made for NBA 2K15 a few days ago. I laughed when I saw the "leoalure" author tag—it seems like we're still playing similar kinds of games.

Are you and your family still in Albuquerque? We just bought a house near Lomas and Washington, and my kids are getting old enough (3 and 5) that I'm finding time at night again to spend on gaming. How about you?

Hope you're doing well,

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# 1
raleigh mcclure @ Apr 22, 2011
Originally Posted by leoalure
Hey Raleigh,

I noticed that you live in Albuquerque like myself. Just wondering if you go to any Isotope games?
Yeah. I haven't been out there yet, but I live up the hill from the stadium and can see the fireworks at night so I know the home games have started. Have you been out there yet?
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