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Just Ranting 
Posted on July 19, 2009 at 08:06 PM.
I don't understand things at times. People are so fake that you never know who to trust. One day they look you in the face and smile, then the next day they won't even speak to you. Why is that?

It has been that way my whole life. Who can I look to if they aren't there half the time. People come to me with their problems and I always listen, but when I have problems, well, where does everyone go?

And then it gets to the point where I question myself as if I am doing something wrong. And I am sure that there are times where I can be annoying but everyone has those moments.

I would just like to know what I am doing wrong but I'm sure I will never get an answer to that. Oh well, I guess I will just have keep going and maybe I will find someone for me. Perhaps I should find myself first?
# 1 Watson @ Jul 19
i totally feel you with the 2nd paragraph.
# 2 The Iceman @ Jul 19
Ditto with you and watson and the 3rd paragraph also
the OS community always is here
and for what i know your a cool dude and i think your very chill and i like that about u

So when u find something wrong or bad about yourself let me know because i sure haven't
# 3 deaduck @ Jul 19
Finding yourself first is always the answer.

Once you're happy with who and where you are...the other stuff can't touch you.
# 4 PVarck31 @ Jul 20
She ain't worth it. Someday you will find someone who is.
# 5 Mo @ Jul 20
I'm gonna guessed this either about a woman or a job.(most likely a woman)
If it is, I'll let you know I went through the same thing recently and eventually you just got to say **** It.

Find yourself first and the rest will fall into place.
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