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legacy0000 is offline
# 58
legacy0000 @ Sep 22, 2015
Does Nba2k16 Have offline co-op association as usual?
artvandeleghe is offline
# 57
artvandeleghe @ Jan 1, 2015
Hi, please send me a PM on how I can activate my account or fix for me if possible. I can not create any new threads or PMs?? It says I do not have adequate permissions, I never received anything to activate...thanks
DaImmaculateONe is offline
# 56
DaImmaculateONe @ Oct 12, 2014
Maybe make a poll if sports games should move to longer development cycles due to lack of competition, and decreasing innovation . Instead of being release yearly pushed two years with roster updates inbetween.
KrushEm12 is offline
# 55
KrushEm12 @ Sep 8, 2014
Hey chris have u heard any word yet on EA patching the CFM offline sim stats ???? Any word would be great 2 hear .... cant begin offline CFM till this patch gets fixed thanks so much
Ijeswannaknow is offline
# 54
Ijeswannaknow @ Sep 3, 2014
Can you tell EA that the QB signature styles are not working or applying...please fix. Thank you.
13whitebread is offline
# 53
13whitebread @ Aug 20, 2014
Hey Chris I don't want to keep posting on the forums looking like a troll. Can you tell me if I can play offline season mode on NHL 15 PS4
drae2 is offline
# 52
drae2 @ Jan 28, 2014
question. how can i upload a pic from my phone to os? i got a pic of it raining. in the super dome on madden 25 i would like to post. thx.
waspman3 is offline
# 51
waspman3 @ Feb 16, 2013
What's up bud. Just happened to be scrolling and saw your pic of College Basketball. Any chance we'll see that game ever come back out?
gmitch23 is offline
# 50
gmitch23 @ Aug 29, 2012
Hey what's the name of the operation sports community in madden 13 ps3?
UMhester04 is offline
# 49
UMhester04 @ Mar 7, 2012
Hey im not sure if you are the one that deleted my Derek Jester head thread (and I know I said to close it) but if you were could you re-open it? becuase it just happened again and I have a picture this time.
jmik58 is offline
# 48
jmik58 @ Feb 8, 2012
Nice blurbs on the new additions to The Show. I enjoy how you don't jump in head first, but pace your excitement and curtail the goods with a reminder that bugs will come up. Anything to keep guys level around here. I really enjoy your perspective.
jct32 is offline
 # 47
jct32 commenting on May 24, 2008 NC Oklahoma picture @ Mar 22, 2011
Where was this one? This looks like the one that hit the El Reno airport. First touchdown I ever witnessed, saw that one touchdown as I looked down I-40.
Uncle Stumpy is offline
# 46
Uncle Stumpy @ Feb 1, 2011
Hey, could you do me a huge favour and give us an article explaining to us Canadian gamers how new Canadian Internet regulations will affect us sports gamers?
loloben is offline
# 45
loloben @ Jan 28, 2011
Great blogs. Thank you for your hard work. Your blogs are very interesting.
Buckeye is offline
# 44
Buckeye @ Sep 17, 2010
When are the next round of hirings?
jugganott is offline
 # 43
jugganott commenting on May 24, 2008 NC Oklahoma picture @ Sep 3, 2010
I believe you should be going the opposite direction. LOL
PapaGrande is offline
# 42
PapaGrande @ May 24, 2010
Interesting Article...Might have EA Ramifications
jeffmanqb3 is offline
# 41
jeffmanqb3 @ May 10, 2010
Be safe with the tornadoes. Being from Oklahoma, I know things can get a little crazy.
RustedWalleye is offline
# 40
RustedWalleye @ Jan 27, 2010
Whats your screen name in Tiger Woods Online? Since we get a bonus for fans, might as well put it to good use. I created a group as well for the average players (Non-Dominators Group)

Later. Walleye
superstarshad is offline
# 39
superstarshad @ Dec 4, 2009
The only reason Madden sales were down this year were due to the recession. It had zero to do with the product. You can't compare Madden sales with Fifa, but Madden sales should be compared to NBA 2k10 and possibly Live 10. Any guess why?????? The majority of gamers who purchase these two titles (madden and 2k basketball) are of what ethnicity? Which ethnicity do you believe were effected most by the recession? Also, take a stab in the dark and guess which ethnic group, IN THE US, purchased FIFA? Take the aforementioned information gathering and apply it to next year's MLB The show, and ask yourself what will the numbers look like for this title? It is what it is... I criticized this year's Madden following the release, but have grown to recognize it as one of the top 5 madden's of all-time.
sportzbro is offline
# 38
sportzbro @ Jul 14, 2009
sportzbro is offline
# 37
sportzbro @ Jul 14, 2009
If you hate dynasty as much as I do.. you should check out what I came up with.


Dynasty currently is unbeleivable mundane & boring. It might be the worst "season" type of mode in any sports game out there.
aimiami is offline
# 36
aimiami @ Jul 12, 2009
Originally Posted by MMChrisS
I didn't have that problem man. I'm on PS3 as well, so it might be a 360 issue perhaps?
yes ps3 owns
thanks man youve been a lot of help
aimiami is offline
# 35
aimiami @ Jul 12, 2009
thanks for the blogs but i have another question sorry
ok all of these people say the teambuilder is messed up cause once they leave the screen they have to re-enter there code and then it says they have to pay for it is it true?
boritter is offline
# 34
boritter @ Jul 10, 2009
Thanks for all the blogs.

Are the updated rosters in the EA locker yet?

I doubt it, but it would be nice for roster editors to get a head start.
43Chargers4Now is offline
# 33
43Chargers4Now @ Jul 8, 2009
Just read another blog, nice job. Don't get Carpal tunnel with all this typing
oldman is offline
# 32
oldman @ Jul 8, 2009
V-A vs Ringling? I didn't know that you were an okie.
43Chargers4Now is offline
# 31
43Chargers4Now @ Jul 4, 2009
Your doing great. keep going
ZFarls is offline
# 30
ZFarls @ Jun 19, 2009
Awesome articles man, keep up the good work

Bumble14 is offline
# 29
Bumble14 @ Apr 30, 2009

Cardsfan09 won the tourney pickem on yahoo-not sure if you got my pm on that. Can we get his contact info and get hims some ultra cool OS swag for his victory?
thudias is offline
# 28
thudias @ Feb 11, 2009
Did you catch up to that twister last night?
Bumble14 is offline
# 27
Bumble14 @ Feb 5, 2009
Still no staff writer on my arena page...I'm hurt ;-)
Bumble14 is offline
# 26
Bumble14 @ Jan 12, 2009
Hey, I want a "staff writer" on my Arena!!! haha, I feel left out.
rudyjuly2 is offline
# 25
rudyjuly2 @ Jan 9, 2009
Well it was a great game but just not the game I was expecting. More defense and OU's kick coverage was great! Just a handful of crucial plays that Florida made and OU didn't. Heck, the two catches turned to INTs against Bradford were huge. OU should have had the lead at halftime. It's these close losses and plays that have to kill you as a fan. Sorry about the loss but a great game nonetheless.
rudyjuly2 is offline
# 24
rudyjuly2 @ Jan 8, 2009
Originally Posted by MMChrisS
If OU doesn't play well tonight, it will be because Florida is just that much better than them. This year's approach has been 100% different than the last two years and I can honestly say everyone I've talked to has a different look in their eyes. So unless Florida is THAT much better, OU won't get blown out tonight...we'll find out in 4 1/2 hours
I really hope it's a good game. Too many bowls that either didn't have interesting matchups or lousy outcomes. I was really looking forward to the Rose Bowl and I quit watching at half time. Thank heavens for a great game between Texas and OSU. Hopefully we get a nail biter tonight!
rudyjuly2 is offline
# 23
rudyjuly2 @ Jan 8, 2009
Originally Posted by MMChrisS
I honestly believe that people are not giving Oklahoma's offense enough credit for what it did all year (ditto for the defense). I don't want to make any predictions...but I think the majority of the country could find itself "shocked" in about 10 hours or so.
I don't have an allegiance to either team. I just hope to see a good game. OU better not play like they did in the last few BCS games. Their tackling last year was terrible. Hopefully they ran some tougher practices to correct that.
rudyjuly2 is offline
# 22
rudyjuly2 @ Jan 8, 2009
I think OU is going to be in trouble tonight. Big game Bob better be at his best! I just think Florida's defense will do a better job handling the OU offense than OU's defense will with Florida's offense.
SHAKYR is offline
# 21
SHAKYR @ Nov 26, 2008
MMchrisS how do you guys get interviews with these game makers?
ChubbyBanana is offline
# 20
ChubbyBanana @ Nov 25, 2008
They were on the way. That was the calm before the storm I think. It rained harder that night. It's hard for me to remember.
ChubbyBanana is offline
# 19
ChubbyBanana @ Nov 22, 2008
Someone told me you had cookies over here...

I can't find them.
bronco92 is offline
# 18
bronco92 @ Nov 19, 2008
Booo for you!
ExtremeGamer is offline
 # 17
ExtremeGamer commenting on May 24, 2008 NC Oklahoma picture @ Nov 18, 2008
Wow, sweet pic!
Pared is offline
# 16
Pared @ Nov 18, 2008
Looking at your pics... you are one crazy mofo Chris! Ha! I love it!
Bumble14 is offline
# 15
Bumble14 @ Nov 13, 2008

Been meaning to ask you for a while, but do you work in weather? My brother in-law is a Valpo grad with two degrees in meteorology, so he's a big weather guy. He is currently working up in Canada for the Weather Network doing all their graphics and forcasting. Let me know and I can put you guys in touch for networking purposes.
rspencer86 is offline
# 14
rspencer86 @ Nov 11, 2008
When's that radar image in your card from? That's a massive hook.

I've always wanted to go on a chase as well. I've heard really good things about Blown Away Tours. I think it's $300 for a full day of chasing.
Chaos81 is offline
# 13
Chaos81 @ Nov 11, 2008
Awesome pictures.

I've always wanted to go chasing. But I don't know anyone that knows what they're doing, and I'm smart enough not to do it on my own. I'd probably kill myself.
Ty is offline
# 12
Ty @ Nov 11, 2008
Yeah we took shelter because I live in Galena Kansas which is near the Oklahoma border.
RAZRr1275 is offline
# 11
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 10, 2008
You take some awesome tornado pics.
BrianFifaFan is offline
# 10
BrianFifaFan @ Nov 10, 2008
I'm from the dark ages, I know my millibars and know how to read observation charts. Heck, you can plot most normal weather (not severe) from basic stuff. But I can understand how things have probably advanced since my days in the late 80's. Darn Doppler!

Seriously, the advances made in Severe Weather forcasting, especially Tornado Warning lead time, has been nothing short of a miracle. I live near the famous town of Xenia, and they need all the help they can get. You'd probably be impressed by the level of weather expertise we have in the Miami Valley. We don't have quite the weather you guys have on the Plains, but it has it's own set of challenges that are inherently Midwestern. And we've got some really good weather guys here....
Ty is offline
# 9
Ty @ Nov 10, 2008
Hey are any of your Oklahoma pictures near Picher? It was a May tornado that destroyed the town.
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