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Re: Uniform Codes Discussion

Originally Posted by 22clements
how are you able to play another created team. please tell me please

Start the game up with two controllers and have one pick the other created team

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Or should I
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Re: Uniform Codes

Originally Posted by AJ21476
Whenever I put the code in for the Giants uni's, one side of the Giants helmet always has thier G reversed. How do you fix it? I have put the code in about 7 times and everytime it ends up with one side of the helmet being in reverse. Any fix?
I figured out what was the problem. The code is fine it's just you picked a team with a reversed logo first, so when you entered my letter logo it came out reverse.

I know it sounds confusing but the picture logos on the helmets are reversed on both sides. When you built your team and picked your base logo design you must have picked a team with a picture logo which was reversed on the other side of the helmet to match.

What you need to do is pick a base team logo with letters on the helmets so the game won't reverse the letter logo to match both sides, when you enter my code for the giants in.

That was the problem. The code is fine on my game.

A better explanation would be think of the eagles logo, its reversed on the otherside to match. The Giant NY on today's helmets or the old gaints block lettering are not reversed to match so we could read the lettering on either side if you know what I mean.
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Re: Uniform Codes Discussion

Originally Posted by Spin
1. Plug in 2 controllers
2. At the team selection screen choose a different team with each controller
3. Begin the game, then pause it, and at the choose a side screen take one of the controllers and place it in the middle.
4. Go back into the game and now u'll be playing vs one of your created teams.

thank you. now i need to get 2 controllers
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Re: Uniform Codes Discussion

Cleveland Bulldogs

BeMEVkmZe4NpBwK7e7GmWU3Xa3NvaCw44JcRDfGsulLCVqPhNe FT54r5jMEVszcJf3d

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RIP Brodie!!!
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Re: Uniform Codes Discussion

Originally Posted by hyacinth1
Originally Posted by dave360
Candyman, get us your code for the Bears unis. They look good. For those that are posting screens of the code, please type them out. It makes updating the sticky at the top of the Rosters forums much easier, plus I can't read them. I have the list updated as of this morning. Enjoy.
Thanks and sorry guys, I forgot the code:

HDMovie Room
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Re: Uniform Codes Discussion

Here's a code for the Packers. I used the Werewolf logo and called the team the Pack - I like the double tie-in with reality and the "pack of wolves" thing with the logo. Plus I'd rather not use letters as team logos. I'll have pictures later tonight, when my camera batteries are recharged.

grx2vska5sGZ5scReYHgUVGKH9oFf8b5oMrBjkXjjt3EScaPqw Ek8PhDrARzP4dRmc
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Re: Uniform Codes Discussion

looks like someone beat me to posting the Browns. Here's my version.



SATm9YDhjo5hpcps3Q2MHkgre2yM3fLXutE9h6nJpG6edgWsRd F6dBVmZ3rCNZ8d8c
No images in your sig, thanks.

- OS Staff
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Re: Uniform Codes Discussion

Good work guys. For The Bears unis could you just you a C in orange??
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