R. Randle - 6'3" - 205lb
90 spd - 99 accel - 89 release - 88 catch - 90 CIT - 86 Route

C. Tolliver - 6'1" - 180lb
92 spd - 97 accel - 81 release - 86 catch - 88 CIT - 83 Route

K. Boone - 6'1" - 194lb
94 spd - 98 accel - 75 release - 79 catch - 73 CIT - 67 Route

J. Fulton - 5'11" - 182lb
86 spd - 93 accel - 95 release - 78 catch - 81 CIT - 78 Route


S. Morris - 5'8" - 183lb
94 spd - 96 accel - 99 man - 97 zone - 94 press - 99 play - 71 tackle

E. Louis - 5'10" - 176lb
91 spd - 91 accel - 99 man - 96 zone - 82 press - 99 play - 70 tackle

S. Agyapong - 5'10" - 187lb
94 spd - 82 accel - 87 man - 92 zone - 93 press - 86 play - 71 tackle

J. Williams - 6'4" - 180lb
97 spd - 90 accel - 91 man - 88 zone - 90 press - 88 play - 62 tackle

O-line - LSU
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Head Tracking software in Sports gaming

Posted 03-10-2009 at 03:59 PM by Phobia
Updated 03-10-2009 at 04:05 PM by Phobia

Anyone who has dove into the world of PC flight sims. Knows that having a good head tracking device is a must if you wanna live. Being able to keep your hand on your joystick and look out the window by slightly moving your head is HUGE. It is one of those products that you really don't understand what you are missing until you try it for yourself. Once you have flown with one, you could never go back to trying to use the hat switch to look around. It is so natural and easy to work it comes second nature.

Since this technology has been around for a little while now and we have seen it branch off into other games such as ARMA, F1 racing titles and of course the flight sims. It would seem like the logical next step for headtracking would be the sport genres.

Imaging the ability to play madden in first person point of view. Then tie in a head tracking software. Next thing you know you are sprinting down the sideline looking back to the QB trying to pin point the pass coming in or playing QB and being able to look left and scan the field, the pocket is closing around you, you whip your head around to the right and see the defensive end getting free so you sprint to the left. All while you continue to scan the field looking for the open man.

Open this up to just about any sports franchise out there and you can see the possibilities. It would greatly ramp up the level of immersion. Being on the field, on the ice, on the hard wood floor, etc.

The main question concerning this would be. How will gamers take to not seeing the entire field? Will the loss of the "gods eye view" hamper this from ever getting to the masses?

Only time will tell if this technology ever advances into the sports genres. I will sit here praying one day I get to play as a middle linebacker hawk eyeing the QB, waiting to jump the snap and smash him to the turf. Until then I will continue to be puppet master over a complete team of players.
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Thats pretty sick. Would they make a head tracking system for consoles though
Posted 03-10-2009 at 06:05 PM by Boucher Boucher is offline
Phobia's Avatar
Thanks, yea the chance of a head tracking software on consoles is tough. But with more sport titles coming to PC. It might be possible from that perspective. NBA2k9 with a First person point of view with head track would be sick.
Posted 03-11-2009 at 09:11 AM by Phobia Phobia is offline

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