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Re: Crickets chirping...

Originally Posted by Aurabolt127
Hey PS3 users - did the PS have something like the red ring of death? Never knew the truth on how reliable they truly were. Like impartially, not an "us vs them" mentality.

Just curious 'cause I'm getting ready to get the next console, and it's a factor to me.
No red ring of death, but they don't last forever, not like the original PS1 or even a PS2.I may look into repair rather than get a new one again.

As for the PS4, I'd be more eager to get one if it had backward compatability.I'd like to be able to play games like DAO or Head Coach on a better system.
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Re: Crickets chirping...

Me too. I'm still bummed I couldn't play hc06 on the 360.
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Re: Crickets chirping...

How do you get updated rosters on the ps3? Or can you?
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