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The Puck Luck Project (NHL 16)

Most of the threads on this forum have been complaints, for good reason. Others have been recommendations for next year. That's kind of sad, considering the game has been out less than two months. Even the OS articles have been less-than-favourable.

Thus, myself and a few other NHL rosters/slider-makers have teamed up to set up what I've named the Puck Luck project. Here's the description:

Why "The Puck Luck Project?" All a team needs is a bit of puck luck in a game to swing it their way—a crossbar, a broken stick, a lucky bounce—that's the NHL at its finest. The Puck Luck Project is trying to get that same thing for EA NHL—the game at its finest.

To that effect, we're concentrating the individual-attribute rating greatness of shogunofharlem3 and bingyp with the overall correct-NHL projectness (new word!) of (hopefully) Simple Mathematics and Cycloniac and puckhead73 and the immediate, up-to-date sliderness of Al_Tito13. BUT BY ALL MEANS, IF YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE, DO SO! IF YOU KNOW YOUR OWN TEAMS' LINES, STRATEGIES, ETC, BY ALL MEANS SHARE!

Our combined goal here is to make the game play the way it should have played, the way some of you felt that it was playing before patches and tuners, but this time around with a great roster and sliders for all occasions. To that effect, no stone is going unturned in regards to player editing and slider-making and whatnot. More info to be posted later in that area.

I also intend to make a video each week showcasing an incorrectness of gameplay in the series as it stands and possible ways to fix it and for EA to fix it. If you have anything you would like showcased, please post here or contact the information below.

There is a chance we will make some foreign teams that are not in the game. Post or contact with scouting reports on your National Team's players if you really want your teams to be in the game.

Currently I hope this will be for both XboxOne and PS4 and (depending on which members stay last-gen) possibly Xbox360 and PS3 (IF THERE IS A GAME, WHICH I DOUBT). However, since we are starting this so early, that doesn't need to be decided. Whatever works best for the team.

This is all conditional on the hope that EA puts back player editing. If not, they will be losing a LOT of money and customers.

[NB: Originally I had an intro video, but my computer acted up and didn't let me get it out. I'll try to get it up as soon as I can. Thank you for your understanding.]

Here is how you can contact us for any reasons you have, be it aid, recommendations, or what not (the email is the youtube channel that the videos will be on).

Email: [email protected]
Secondary email (I'd prefer you use the above, but...): [email protected]
PM myself here, or bingyp or shogunofharlem3 (I'll edit if the Revamped team gives me a green light.)
Also find me at the editors corner and that thread here.
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