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NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

Ok, so I'm trying to compile a list of features that would be great for future iterations of the game. I'm trying to stick with features, if some one want to make a list of gameplay changes or bugs that need fixed that would cool too. Maybe I will do those next

Please help me add to the list

I'm trying to separate them into small/medium/large, but I may mistakenly file them

some of the ones below are my examples, other I have seen elsewhere

Small Changes

Add third jersey to HUT
Add third jersey to EASHL
Generic stadium have more scoreboard animations (no more "Clap" with every non-NHL team
variable attendance (in GM, season mode)
HUT/EASHL select goal song
Continue working on Announcers (fluidity and excitement levels)
new Stanley Cup celebrations
5 player goal celebrations

Medium Changes
Create-A-Team with custom leagues
Custom Jersey with logos
Custom Goalie masks
referee makes audible announcement after reviewed goals
More than one generic stadium (the non-NHL teams in real life play in arenas that seat between 3,000 and 19,000)
IIHF and national team licenses
All-Star game (and weekend)
custom music (songs, horns, etc)
GM/BAP suspensions

Big Changes
NBA 2K style Be a Pro (or at least a revamped Be A Pro)
Outdoor games (Stadium Series, Winter Classic, Heritage Classic, other leagues) just use a generic outdoor stadium
Owner mode, expanding on GM, but also control arena, staff, pricing, team location, etc
Real coaches in the game (HUT, GM, seen in general gameplay)
offline HUT (offline seasons is a start, but add offline card market or store, obtainable team without microtransaction)
add new leagues (KHL, ECHL, etc) or just like above create a team/league

Reminder: featues, not gameplay or bug fixes
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re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

In create a player, create someone who has been drafted with a contract length of NONE (a prospect that hasn't been signed yet).
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re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

Bring back Online Franchise mode but do it right this time have customizable season lengths and custom slider settings.
Would also like to see an Online Playoff Mode so we can set up tournaments against our friends online.
Bring back custom uniform creator for EASHL.
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Old 10-10-2015, 05:45 AM   #4
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re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

- player meetings, e Stamkos as a C/RW, This would increase flexibility for lines, and rosters.

- Goal songs

- Allow us to change player position in Be A GM

A good wishlist is also here http://nhl17game.com/nhl-17-features-wishlist.html
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re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

I like most of the OPs suggestions. Offline HUT would be great for those that have bad connections or want to keep their HUT going beyond the next title release. I never understood why this isn't an option... obviously no marketplace here unless its a fake one. Custom sounds and music would also be nice and why not custom crowd chants like in MLB The Show?

I would love to be able to import my BaP careers into new title releases. It really can't be that hard to do. Just compile our accumulated stats and awards as 'previous seasons', carry over our skills and other info and let us keep our BaP career going. This way we may actually get to finish out a career. I would still be playing my career from NHL 09 if this was the case.

Pregame presentation should take more of a backseat to other aspects of the game. Face it, we all watch the pregame stuff a few times then just skip it to get to the action. Give us more in terms of post game content, scoreboard variety, more arenas, and the ability to edit and save replays/highlights. We could do that back in NHL 09 so why not now?

Most of all for a better immersion factor I would like to see a Hall of Fame added, a league record book, and career highlight recognition. How cool would it be to have clips of all your milestones saved to a career highlight reel? Every 50 goals, or 50 in a season, every 100 points, record breaking achievements, or even user selected moments all immortalized on film. Heck even add the pucks with the moment written on tape to a trophy case like the real pros do. I think people could really get attached to their BaP careers if we could import them from past games and these extra touches.
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re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

Season Stats overlays
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re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

Contract extensions BEFORE the contract ends.


Actual waivers eligibility
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Old 10-10-2015, 11:23 AM   #8
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re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

Bring back the Custom Camera.
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