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re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

Biggest problem with this game is EA's terrible roster combined with the fact that they don't give us the ability to properly edit it ourselves. You should be able to input whether a player is drafted, by which team, whether they are signed or unsigned and their rookie status. For some reason, William Nylander isn't considered a rookie in this game and you can't do anything about it.

I also discovered that if you edit a drafted player who hasn't signed a contract yet, they are automatically signed when you start Be a GM mode and players from your organization are automatically dropped to free agency. Read the CBA EA Sports, it's called a slide rule.

The ability to hire and fire real coaches would be great as would players being able to have multiple positions. Just do it like Madden where players have different overall ratings for each position.

One thing that would go a long way to adding depth to the franchise mode would be to show how many goals or assists players have when the banner comes up after a goal. Also, it's been said but player progression and contracts need to be based more on production.

Three of the biggest events in hockey are the draft, trade deadline and beginning of free agency but there isn't really anything exciting about these events in the game. Being able to re-sign players in the final year of their contracts and adding NTCs/NMCs would be cool too.

The ability to have more than 2 powerplay or penalty kill units. Show me an NHL team that only uses 4 forwards on their penalty kill every night.

I've noticed some young players growing physically but I don't think it's enough. Most players bulk up significantly between the ages of 17-24.

Lots of work but it would be really great if the CHL and European leagues could somehow be simulated during Be a GM so that you could actually see how your prospects are performing.

Add in IR and LTIR. Actual goaltender injuries and add a greater variety of injuries. Some more long term ones like lacerations or whatever but mostly little bumps and bruises that may not prevent a player from playing but will still affect his abilities.
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re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

Originally Posted by schlitz73
I like most of the OPs suggestions. Offline HUT would be great for those that have bad connections or want to keep their HUT going beyond the next title release. I never understood why this isn't an option... obviously no marketplace here unless its a fake one. Custom sounds and music would also be nice and why not custom crowd chants like in MLB The Show?

I would love to be able to import my BaP careers into new title releases. It really can't be that hard to do. Just compile our accumulated stats and awards as 'previous seasons', carry over our skills and other info and let us keep our BaP career going. This way we may actually get to finish out a career. I would still be playing my career from NHL 09 if this was the case.

Pregame presentation should take more of a backseat to other aspects of the game. Face it, we all watch the pregame stuff a few times then just skip it to get to the action. Give us more in terms of post game content, scoreboard variety, more arenas, and the ability to edit and save replays/highlights. We could do that back in NHL 09 so why not now?

Most of all for a better immersion factor I would like to see a Hall of Fame added, a league record book, and career highlight recognition. How cool would it be to have clips of all your milestones saved to a career highlight reel? Every 50 goals, or 50 in a season, every 100 points, record breaking achievements, or even user selected moments all immortalized on film. Heck even add the pucks with the moment written on tape to a trophy case like the real pros do. I think people could really get attached to their BaP careers if we could import them from past games and these extra touches.

i agree with BaP they should allow us to carry forward from year to year
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re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

Like a few others have said, I'd also like to see the ECHL added. It is considered the NHL's AA and I feel like NHL only having the AHL is like The Show only having AAA. I don't know if it hasn't been added because not all NHL teams have ECHL affiliates or because there were some instances where 2 NHL teams would have the same ECHL affiliate (e.g. the Pittsburgh Penguins and Montreal Canadiens both used the Wheeling Nailers as their ECHL affiliate before this year. However, the ECHL is expanding and trying to get to 30 teams so that each team can be affiliated with 1 and only 1 NHL team. Like someone else said, it would also be good for player development for guys that would otherwise be relegated to the 4th line or only playing sparingly in the AHL.

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re: NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

If they add the ECHL I think they would need to implement AHL and ECHL only contracts as well.
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NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

Coaches Corner: For the first time in the NHL series, real NHL coaches will appear on your team’s bench this year and have a major impact on your team’s morale. Hire and fire them, but be careful the wrong coach could be the difference between you sitting home in May or raising the cup in June.

New Faceoff Engine: A brand new faceoff engine is implemented to give hockey fanatics a chance to fight for the procession of the puck after every whistle.

Player Signature: Over the top realism is now brought to the ice with over 100 new exclusive signature animations to NHL superstars. Watch as Sid the Kid carries the puck into the zone or watch a sprawling save from Carey Price.

Highlight Cut-Ins: There’s never a dull moment in NHL ’17. As the action slows down, quick cut-ins from Liam McHugh will come in to show you the latest scores and highlights around your league.

Commentary GENIUS: NHL ’17 introduces the GENIUS commentary system that injects recorded lines from real NHL games and inputs them straight into your game. Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk never sounded so good.

NEXT GEN GM Mode: Think you have what it takes to be a GM in the NHL? NHL ’17 brings an improved franchise mode for the next generation. Sleek new controls and options allow you to manage your team all the way down to the ticket prices. Create an expansion team in Las Vegas or move teams to different cities and edit your rink. You even edit your ice surface with local sponsors you gain over time.

Let’s Celebrate : Over 50 new celebration animations were added to breathe new life to the series. Watch as 5-man team rush together for a big goal or tap each other in the skates for an eventful one timer. You’ll see it all from the team tackling you after a game winner in overtime, or lining up on the blue line as they lift the championship banner. Five new fully rendered cut scenes show off your team raising Lords Stanley Cup. Get ready for a new fresh way to celebrate your victories in NHL ’17.

Expect the Unexpected: Every game will be unique with new scenarios playing out in NHL ’17. You may have your starting goalie leave during the first period because of a fever. The lights of the area may go out briefly or your star forward won’t show up until the 2nd period due to traffic. Several dozen unscripted scenarios help to bring new life to the series.

GM Podcast: To help you understand what’s going around in your league, you can listen in as Liam McHugh from NBC Sports Network while he tells you who he thinks will win in your next matchup, scouting reports on young gun rookies, trade rumors, who’s hot and who’s not.

NHL Draft Coverage: You can’t build your NHL team overnight, you need to draft for the future. New to NHL ’17 are menu screens and scouting input that usher in a new era of drafting the next big superstar. Scouts now give you pros and cons on each player and a comparison to current team rosters. Smile and shake hands with your first round draft pick while they hold up that jersey. Listen to how your fans react and watch the news tracker for trade rumors.

Roster Depot: Share your roster edits and sliders in the new EA Sports NHL ’17 roster depot.

Mask Mania! : Not digging your goalie masks for your squad then create your own goalie mask from scratch or look at others to import. Go to www.easports.com/nhl/maskmania.html and get started on your artistic designs today.

Little Touches: Watch as water bottles squirt water into the skater’s mouth and onto the jersey. Marvel as the backup goalie stretches on the bench and warms up before replacing the starter in a game. Glance at the 5-man scrum after the play. And see your teammates adjust on the bench and move smoothly to get on the ice. It’s these little touches that make NHL ’17 stand out.

Player Progression: Progression won’t be a guessing game anymore. For the first time in the series, you’ll be able to earn or loose points to boost your skater’s ratings in the game. Whether it’s a promising prospect in the AHL or a 34 year old vet, your skater’s performance matters in NHL ’17.

GameFace HD: Scan your face with your smartphone and watch as you take over as a head coach or hit the ice in NHL ’17.

Crowd Immersion 2.0: It’s simple – you win and more fans cram into your area. You lose, well, quite the opposite. Besides coming and going, crowds will bang on the glass with big goals and start the wave to keep themselves excited. Listen carefully as your crowd calls for your players to shoot the puck and create chants never heard before in a playoff series.

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NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

You're going to end up confusing the hell out of people with that thread title.

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NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

Originally Posted by bcruise
You're going to end up confusing the hell out of people with that thread title.
Confused the hell out of me.

Then I saw the features desired and wasn't confused anymore.

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NHL 17 Wishlist Thread

Love the commentary part. For UFC2 that EA is producing, they took Buffer's commentary straight from live fights to sound more authentic and energetic. The same thing I believe is done with the other commentators in that game. Some dialogue is recorded in the studio but many lines are taken from actual live UFC fights.

The NHL team needs to do the same exact thing for Doc and Eddie, especially Doc. His enthusiasm is a little better in NHL 16 when teams get pinned, but he still does not sound anything like he should. Take ACTUAL lines from actual NHL games and put them into the game, mainly his goal calls, close calls, big saves. There is nothing worse than scoring a goal in Overtime and its the same generic, boring goal call that lacks all enthusiasm. You expect Doc to go nuts in playoff games in NHL 16, and then you score and it's just like any other game.

Hopefully the EA gamechangers can get this to the development team because this needs to happen as what they're doing now simply isn't working.

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