NHL 20: Pet Peeves (Part 1)

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Re: NHL 20: Pet Peeves (Part 1)

Regarding the linesman not breaking up fights, modders for NHL 2004 already figured out a great solution that EA could easily apply to current games.

In 2004, the fight engine had a hidden time limit, and the ref (no linesman in the game yet) would break it up once the time hit zero. In the vanilla game, you rarely hit zero without a knockout except when using goalies with terrible fighting ratings. BUT, with this discovery, modders edited the roster and lowered everyoneís fighting ratings significantly, thereby making most fights end in a breakup and knockouts rare, usually only achieved with a true heavyweight.

Thatís all EA needs to do now. Have a time limit and make the health bars really hard to deplete. Iím guessing the reason they donít is because they like the idea of fighting being worth something, in this case restoring all your linesí every with a win, and timing out fights doesnít have the satisfying ďI winĒ ending.
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Re: NHL 20: Pet Peeves (Part 1)

Originally Posted by jack72
Icing,,,after the puck is iced...notice how the energy levels of the time that iced the puck is higher, and the team that is on offense, has a much lower energy rating?

After you ice the puck you line changes, but the opposite team does not.

Also, if you ice the puck,, you cannot call a time out.
I'm not clear if you are saying these are all problems with the game? The NHL rule is that the team that was called for icing cannot change their line up.
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Re: NHL 20: Pet Peeves (Part 1)

They need a patch to fix the stat displays for goalies.
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