Coach Chambers' Journey to the Top: The Catastrophic Chippewas | A Relegation Dynasty

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Coach Chambers' Journey to the Top: The Catastrophic Chippewas | A Relegation Dynasty

Coach Chambers' Journey to the Top
The Catastrophic Chippewas


A couple years ago, in an attempt to start a dynasty on my own utilizing a playoff system, I browsed around to try to find others with playoffs in their dynasty and I found the thread that helped me created playoffs in my dynasty. With that dynasty, I was able to get to around Year 7, where I led Ohio to a national championship in a six-team playoff, defeating the likes of Florida and USC along the way. However, it felt bland. I stopped playing until more recently.

I attempted to do another dynasty using the playoffs about a month or two ago, which I enjoyed until I didn't again. I enjoyed playing, but adding just the playoffs felt, again, a little bland, and I needed more. So, I went back on to the OS Forums, just viewing different dynasties that I enjoyed and, eventually, I created an account. I found the idea of a relegation dynasty and I thought that it was a solid incentive to try to take a team from the bottom tier to the top tier.

I created my own system, as follows:

Tier 1: SEC and Pac-12 (16 teams each)
Tier 2: Big Ten and Big 12 (12 teams each)
Tier 3: ACC and American (12 teams each)
Tier 4: MAC (10 teams)
Tier 5: Mountain West (10 teams)
Tier 6: C-USA (10 teams)
Tier 7: Sun Belt (10 teams)
Tier 8: Independents (6 teams)

Recently, I simmed a relegation dynasty with 7 tiers, which I found a little weird because it was an uneven number (I know, my OCD got the best of me). I realigned the conferences and tiers so that it was even and so that it made the most sense. In addition, as mentioned, I made it so that there were more tiers, because I felt just having a relegation system with two tiers didn't really have a lot of changes. Once you promoted up a tier, there was nothing else you could do. You just played there until you were relegated and felt that it'd be too easy to make the trip up to the top. So, to make it more of a challenge, I have decided to choose Central Michigan, who is in the bottom tier. The teams in each tier are in the link here.

In this system, to be able to promote, the team that is eligible for promotion has to play the team from the tier above that is eligible for relegation. This gives the team facing a relegation a chance to stay up and it also prevents teams going up and down between two tiers for years on end. In addition, for the Independents, since there is no way to regulate what teams they play, I took temaat89's system to be able to determine who gets promotion. However, I changed it a bit so that it would fit my system. A team would gain 5 points if they beat a top-10 ranked team, 4 points if they beat a top-25 ranked team, 3 points if they beat an unranked team in Tier 1 or 2, 2 points if they beat an unranked team in Tier 3, 4 or 5 and 1 point for any other unranked team, that is not an FCS team.

In addition to the relegation aspect of the dynasty, I will be having end-of-season playoffs. To start off, each playoff will contain four teams and there will be playoffs for Tier 1, Tier 2 and 3, Tier 4 and 5, and, finally, for Tier 6, 7 and 8. In addition to these playoffs, there will be a playoff, containing four teams, that have the best four teams, according to the BCS Polls. With these five playoffs, and the promotion-relegation playoff games, there will not be a lot of bowl games to have, so any bowl game left available will be disregarded and not be counted, statistics-wise.

Coach Chambers, previously only an FCS coach and, at most, an offensive coordinator, was offered a chance to lead a team in the big leagues. He coached at teams like Missouri State and Bucknell, but only for short amount of times. In 2005, Chambers started his coaching career at the age of 25, just three years after he graduated from Drake University.

After former Central Michigan Head Coach Dan Enos left the Chippewas for a coaching job at Alabama, Chambers was one of Central Michigan Athletic Director Dave Heeke's top choices for the job. In March of 2013, Chambers declined the offensive coordinator position at Bucknell, which showed Chambers was serious about joining the team. Even with the team in the bottom tier of the new NCAA system in the FBS, Andrew Chambers accepted a 3-year, $900,000 contract to be the head coach of the Chippewas.

Now, with Chambers in charge, he looks to take the Catastrophic Chippewas to the First Tier of the new system. Welcome to Coach Chambers' Journey to the Top: The Catastrophic Chippewas.

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Table of Contents
Note: Table of Contents will be updated at the end of each season
Or not...

Season 1

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Dynasty House Rules and Settings

Video Game: EA Sports' NCAA Football 14
Console: XBox 360
Difficulty Level: Heisman
Quarter Length: 7 Minutes
Gameplay Speed: Normal
Gameplay Sliders: None
(as of now)
Penalty Sliders: J-Kits' Penalty Sliders (Started Game 4 of 2013)


Offensive Playbook: Central Michigan
Defensive Playbook: 4-3

Recruiting Rules
I will not be allowed to recruit at all and I will have the computer recruit for me. I may use the Recruiting tab, to check on how things are going and what is happening, but I may not adjust anything when in the tab.

Edits/Additional Rules
~ Any player that I suspend or kick off the program I (obviously) have to keep on the team. I am not able to play
~ with or adjust these players whatsoever during their sentence. (Offseason, 2013)
~ Quarter Length will be changed from 6 minutes to 7 minutes. (Game 2, 2013)
~ Each game, I will decide which player on defense I will play with and I can only play with this player through the
~ game. However, if the play is not in the game at the time, I will choose my "second choice" to play with. I am
~ allowed to switch players once my player attempts to make a play on the ball. (Game 2, 2013)
~ Started using J-Kits' Penalty Sliders (Game 4, 2013)

~ To get promoted to Tier 1
(This will take a minimum of seven seasons.)
~ To stay in Tier 1 five years straight (This will take a minimum of twelve seasons.)
~ To be ranked number one in the AP Poll for 25 weeks (This will take a minimum of two seasons, once I am ranked first in the
~ nation.)
~ To win various tiered playoffs (not pro-rel) at least eight times
~ To win the National Championship Playoffs at least three times

Notes: ~ Once all are completed, I will stop the dynasty and (most likely) start a new one.
Notes: ~ If I get fired or I am not offered an extension to my contract, the dynasty will finish and I will (again, most likely) start a new one.

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Career Tracker

Head Coach Andrew Chambers' Career Information at CMU
Career Record: 2-2
Lowest Tier: Tier 8
Highest Tier: Tier 8
Promotions: None
Relegations: None
Most Years in a Tier: 1 year - Tier 8
Most Consectutive Years in a Tier: 1 year - Tier 8 (2013)
Winning Seasons: 0
Longest Winning Streak: 2
Longest Losing Streak: 2
Record vs. Top 25: 0-1
Record vs. Rival, Western Michigan: 0-0
Record vs. Rival, Eastern Michigan: 1-0
Michigan MAC Trophies: 0
Pro-Rel Playoff Record: 0-0
Tiered Playoff Record: 0-0
Conference (Tier) Titles: 0
Playoff Titles: 0

Coach Chambers' Greatest Games

1.) 2013: Central Michigan 30, Michigan State 37 | Classic Score: 1,765
2.) 2013: Central Michigan 31, Northern Illinois 34 (3OT) | Classic Score: 1,575
Notes: Will be updated as occurs

Yearly Records

Overall Record: 2-2
Conference Record: 1 pts.
Conference Placement: 1st
Preseason National Rank: 94
Final National Rank: N/A
Playoff Outcome: N/A
Notes: 2013 Conference Record in points because Tier 8 uses point system.

Records against Teams
Ball State
Oct. 5, 2013 - 0-0

Eastern Michigan (1-0)
Sep. 7, 2013 - 45-7

Michigan State (0-1)
Sep. 14, 2013 - 30-37

Northern Iowa (1-0)
Aug. 31, 2013 - 38-19

Northern Illinois (0-1)
Sep. 21, 2013 - 31-34 (3OT)

Notes: ~ ^ denotes conference play
Notes: ~ * denotes promotion playoff
Notes: ~ ` denotes playoff
Notes: ~ Will be updated after each game

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Central Michigan History

Football Team History
Founded in 1892, Central Michigan's football program started four years later, in 1896. The program is currently in the FBS and the Chippewas are in independence, after the switch to a promotion-relegation setup in the FBS. Previously, they spend time in the Mid-American Conference (from 1975-2012) and the Interstate Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (from 1950-1969). In addition, Central Michigan was an Independent from 1896 to 1949 and 1970 to 1974.

1974: NCAA Division II Champions - 12-1
1952: Interstate Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Champions - 7-2
1953: IIAC Champions - 7-1-1
1954: IIAC Co-Champions - 8-2
1955: IIAC Champions - 8-1
1956: IIAC Champions - 9-0
1962: IIAC Champions - 6-4
1966: IIAC Champions - 5-5
1967: IIAC Co-Champions - 8-2
1968: IIAC Co-Champions - 7-2
1979: Mid-American Conference Champions - 10-0-1
1980: MAC Champions - 9-2
1990: MAC Champions - 8-3-1
1994: MAC Champions - 9-3
2006: MAC Champions - 10-4
2007: MAC Champions - 8-6
2009: MAC Champions - 12-2
Notes: ~ Will be updated as dynasty goes on.
Notes: ~ Playoff wins, such as for Taco Bell Bottom, will be included as titles.

Bowl History
Record: 3-4
1990: California Bowl - Lost to San Jose State, 24-48
1994: Las Vegas Bowl - Lost to UNLV, 24-52
2006: Motor City Bowl - Defeated Middle Tennessee State, 31-14
2007: Motor City Bowl - Lost to Purdue, 48-51
2008: Motor City Bowl - Lost to Florida Atlantic, 21-24
2009: GMAC Bowl - Defeated Troy, 44-41
2012: Little Caesars Pizza Bowl - Defeated Western Kentucky, 24-21

Notes: ~ Historical Records until 2013. Bowl losses in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 have been disregarded.
Notes: ~ Playoff games for promotion/relegation implications will count as bowl games.

Western Michigan Broncos
Even since the Broncos defeated Central Michigan, 29-0, in their first matchup in 1907, the Broncos and the Chippewas have played annually since 1943. The two, being very close to each other, have strong fan presence in these games can get quite heated.

The winner of the game receives the Victory Cannon, which was introduced in 2008. Both teams have cannons that are fired after a scoring play at their home stadium, so it was only right to have a cannon be the vocal point for the trophy. The game also helps determine the winner of the Michigan MAC Trophy, given to the team with the best head-to-head record. Having played each other 83 times, Western Michigan leads the rivalry, going 45-36-2.

All-Time Record
Pre-dynasty: WMU, 45-36-2
Dynasty: _MU, 0-0-0
Total: WMU, 45-36-2

Eastern Michigan Eagles
Although not as important as the game against Western Michigan, the game between the Chippewas and Eastern Michigan is still intense. The Chippeas and the Eagles played in 1902, where Central Michigan defeated Eastern Michigan, 10-0. It is the oldest rivalry in the MAC, having begun five years before the rivalry between Central Michigan and Western Michigan and six before the game between Miami (OH) and Ohio. Central Michigan leads this rivalry by a huge margin, 56-28-6.

All-Time Record
Pre-dynasty: CMU, 56-28-6
Dynasty: CMU, 1-0-0
Total: CMU, 57-28-6

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Central Michigan Hall of Fame
These players have been deemed, by Coach Chambers, worthy enough to be honored by the Central Michigan University Chippewas football program.

Retired Numbers
This will be adjusted and updated when I feel necessary.

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Promotion and Relegation History
Promotion to Tier 1
Promotion to Tier 2
Promotion to Tier 3
Promotion to Tier 4
Promotion to Tier 5
Promotion to Tier 6
Promotion to Tier 7

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Playoff History
Allstate National Championship:
Goodyear Elite:
Gatorade Mid:
Dr Pepper Low:
Taco Bell Bottom:

Heisman Winners

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