Fumble slider backwards?

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Re: Fumble slider backwards?

When I was testing sliders in practice, I had the fumble slider set to 25 and was fumbling nearly every time I was sacked. I think that lowering the fumble slider increases the number of sliders. I currently have it set for 40 for human and CPU, and I'm only getting about 2 fumbles a game, which is right in line with the real NFL.
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Re: Fumble slider backwards?

No it isn't backwards IMP, but could be backwards as far as a increase or a higher CPU slider above 50 and lowering the human slider, the more fumbles you get, the disparity factor between the two, IMP.

Since Dec 7 I have been using Human 42 CPU 55, have had lots of fumbles when CPU at 55. Now, I will say I do believe other factors with other sliders increase Human fumbles as well but isn’t straight forward enough for me to example that is just my opinion.

Once I did lower the CPU from 55 to 52 Human fumbles became less.

I was trying Human 41 and CPU 55 and was fumbling a lot 2 to 4 x per game, the CPU never fumbled. Now, that I am at Human 42 CPU 52, finally CPU has started coughing it up last 2 games I have force 2 QB fumbles and 1 RB. As far has human some games I have none other games I might have 2.

IMP it is the disparity between the two that increases Human fumbles, now that applies to my set of sliders and penalties, may not work for others. Hope this helps!

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Re: Fumble slider backwards?

ok so.. I've tried the 41 human slider to 55 CPU fumble slider and still saw too many fumbles. I maybe fumbled once and I got CPU to fumble 3-4 times a game. You were mentioning tackle setting affecting this. So, what do you guys have for Hum tackle vs, CPU tackle for sliders?

Right now I have hum 25 fumble slider and CPU at 100. I still see many fumbles a game with CPU. wondering how I can fix the fumbles. please someone tell me what they are using for Fumble both human and cpu and tackle for human and CPU that are not seeing fumbles a whole lot.

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Re: Fumble slider backwards?

Originally Posted by PMO
Watch the tackle slider tho, too low and CPU has no leg for field goals,
Dude what's with this? Ive lowered the tackle sliders on both teams right down, and the CPU couldnt make the distance on 30 yard FG attempts
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