Madden NFL 15 Gameplay Video - Seahawks vs. 49ers (Smitty)

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Re: Madden NFL 15 Gameplay Video - Seahawks vs. 49ers (Smitty)

Originally Posted by Jr.
I could go back and pick other quotes where you've said things will definitely be there, not only this year but in future years. I get optimism, and you do show restraint at times, but when you guarantee things that you have no way of knowing, it's really off-putting and makes me disregard everything you say and hope that the game flops just to see you eat crow.
I will never ever forget the Madden 25 gameplay reveal trailers that came out and the MASSIVE backtracking from JP last year lolol. It was absolutely unprecedented. That was the straw that broke the camel's back in regards to JP's promises and guarantees. He's been doing this stuff since Madden 10 and everyone here in this community seems to finally be sick of it.

He believes what he's told instead of looking at their proven track record. Why believe word for word company PR when you can see the results right in front of you with your own eyes? Same terrible animations. Same terrible commentary. Same terrible physics, or lack there of.

My last point has already been mentioned. JP, stop telling people criticizing the game to play it first or saying they have to feel the difference. You haven't played it either. If they can't criticize the game because of that basis, then you can't hype it.

You don't have to feel it. Everyone can see plain as day the recycled animations and everything else I mentioned above. Please stop.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 Gameplay Video - Seahawks vs. 49ers (Smitty)

Locking this thread because it's just become a giant call out thread, which is among other things off-topic from discussion of the video alone.

Let's not do this in the future. Thanks.
Christopher Hooe
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