Viewing Madden From A Different Angle

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Viewing Madden From A Different Angle

This is a direct rehash of a thread I created in the last gen Madden forum 3 years ago, that surprisingly doesn't get discussed enough around sports sim games, imo, User vision limiting but authentic game play views. http://www.operationsports.com/forum...65&postcount=1

The OP for that thread is rather long so I just posted the link, the general point is that the current game play views in sports sims and since this is the Madden forum, specifically Madden, is TMI, diminishing the team aspect of football. What rehashed this subject for me was a discussion about preplay adjustments and considering the fact that ever User controlled QB in Madden can see the entire field. Also, yesterday I was watching some kids playing COD and for all the unrealistic elements of that game, it requires every User to play from a vision limiting POV. I just imagine if that game allowed Users to actually play from a "god" view, it would undoubtedly diminish that games immersion.

Now for Madden, I think introducing a more User vision limiting field level view would not only add immersion but put more emphasis on decisions made before ever taking the field, ie game planning, play calling and sideline/halftime adjustments. Not a helmet cam or direct 1st person POV but more so a 3rd person POV like was in QB Club.

To avoid getting all wishlisty, I think a good start would be to have a game play view "lock" OPTION, where for example every User can only play from a specific field level POV, in a designated section/room online or created CFM. To solve the issue of the lack peripheral vision and field presence, they could just add a small, faint minimap(*1), along with a rumble mechanic for the controller.

I'll say again, this aspect of sim gaming seems to get glossed over even though it is a major reason that team sports sims can be played so successfully unrealistic. To clarify, I'm nt advocating that anyone be forced or required to play Madden from any game play view, I'm advocating for an option to lock that view in for those that choose it.

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Re: Viewing Madden From A Different Angle

Doesn't the zoom camera provide this to an extent? Against the cpu I usually play zoom since I no switch after the ball is hiked on D.
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Re: Viewing Madden From A Different Angle

Yeah I'm curious to see how playing with the zoom camera feels. I also agree that being closer to the action and seeing less of the field at once could improve immersion. If the community responds well to the zoom cam this year, I could see the team expanding on camera angles in the future.
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Re: Viewing Madden From A Different Angle

I'm all for options but on this topic I'm pretty traditional as I like the way things are. I'm a broadcast guy, so I want the game to resemble a broadcast as much as possible, just with me in control. Like I'd love for the "wire" cam to be an option, or like the broadcast field goal cam to be an option. Anything I see during a broadcast is what I want. The authentic broadcast cam used every game doesn't allow enough vision, but if there was some way to play from that view, while still allowing me to see downfield without sacrificing the look, I'd love it and play from that.

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Re: Viewing Madden From A Different Angle

Been playing with the zoom camera every since they implemented it. I have definitely missed routes/passes on the outsides because you cant see the whole field all of the time. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to zooming even further in.

Madden would have to add a right stick mechanic where you could scan the field. It would be hard to do with the fast pace of of having less than 3 seconds in the pocket. Which is why I enjoyed the vision cone. Yes you can still see the whole field but it adds the realistic limiting effect.
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Re: Viewing Madden From A Different Angle

Im with you BIG. The more options the better. I remember playing zoom cam in M12 and it really was low to the ground and tough to see downfield at times. Playing from that angle it made the game 100% harder to throw the ball as I couldn't see everything on the field. I couldn't see the throwing lanes unless I moved in the pocket. I was way more realistic for me and provided a tougher challenge NO DOUBT. While others who didn't use the zoom were complaining how easy it was to pass I was enoying a good challenge with the right sliders of course.

A first person cam is a great idea. The more ways they at EA give us to play the game. The more happy customers they will have. I have been pushing for custom cams for years as im sure you have read on here. I think EA REALLY underestimates the value of GREAT camera options in Madden.
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Re: Viewing Madden From A Different Angle

This issue applies to EVERY sports game... and almost every one of them fails to include a shooter/1st person mode. And it's mainly a design decision since they try to represent a real broadcast.

Here I believe the idea of "sim" can be seen both ways, as one could argue your point in saying that's the most realistic way to represent one playing as one specific player; but one could also make the argument that a broadcast view/zoom view/all 22 is also sim as it represents how the game is presented in real life to us viewers.

This is without taking into account the technical issues that might come to play when creating this sort of view for a football game. I just think a first person view on a tv will never be able to show the field of vision of a human.

Take NBA 2k for example that has "1st person" view, and even this shows your player on screen, probably because it still allows you to have some spacial guidance in relation to court dimensions/teammates positioning.

I guess my preferred point would be.... I'd actually prefer if they'd developed the broadcast cam in way that would make it possible to throw deep passes without them being a shot in the dark.

I'm actually quite excited about the extra zoomed out cam they've taken from ncaa14, I just like the "strategy" part of being able to see the whole field.... as if I'm playing the game from the NBC cam. I'm ok with just looking at replays to get a look at the details in player representation.
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Re: Viewing Madden From A Different Angle

This is a case where game design sacrificed realism for ease of use, imho.

Having a wider vision of the playfield greatly helps the eye adjust during the brisk transition from one player to another (e.g. from QB to WR or from DL to LB/CB).

Games like first person shooters do not present the opportunity for such an abrupt perspective change, since the point of view remains locked to a single point in space (i.e. the player position).
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