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Re: Contiuing Franchise

i do not think that adjusted ratings would matter at all

It would be like continuing a save...the transfer file would have all the necessary stats and ratings. You would only be transferring it to a new system

Kinda like how they did with madden share for ps4 when you wanted to move over the draft classes. Of course it is not impossible...but likely not enough people have brought it to their attention to do it.

The Show and Madden are not the same publishers/designers
^^ total guess....
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Re: Contiuing Franchise

It wouldn't interest me, but it can't hurt to give us the option. When I pick up Madden, I want to start with the current year's roster, not a bunch of fictitious draft picks from the year before. Baseball is different to me because it takes so much more time to complete a season, and it takes so much longer to see a prospect develop. Madden on the other hand, I could realistically complete 5 years of a franchise on one year's version of the game, and that's about as far as I'm looking to go
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Re: Contiuing Franchise

Originally Posted by bcruise
Technically, they haven't yet. This was the first year they announced they were doing this - it's not really going to come into play until Show 15 drops. All they've done with 14 is laid the groundwork for it (whatever that entails).

That's why I'm unsure of how they're going to make it work.
Came to say this. The Show introduced it this year, but we haven't seen it fully come to fruition and find out what glitches pop up as a result. Obviously there will be some (to varying degrees).
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Re: Contiuing Franchise

There are more pressing needs to worry about. I'm going to assume that the majority of Madden players, or even CFM players in general wouldn't care about this feature.

This feature would also probably set back potentially new features, so meh.
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Re: Contiuing Franchise

I personally would hate this idea. I play multiple seasons anyway and start over the next game but the problem I see is how would they carry it over without keeping a major portion of the game the same? That means less improvements. Now maybe I'm wrong but that's just what I feel would happen.
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Re: Contiuing Franchise

Since The Show announced the feature, I was kind of surprised everybody else hasn't quickly followed suit.

After thinking about it, I suspect the other sports games are going to wait it out (at least until The Show 15, when the thing is implemented and people can see how it goes) before making a move.

It might turn out that it's a horribly executed thing, in which case none of the other companies will feel like they need to bother. Or it might turn out to be so uncommon for gamers to use the feature (with only a tiny fraction of gamers opting not to start a new franchise with each new release), that the other games decide there's too little upside to be worth the headache.
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