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Re: Madden NFL 15 Reviews From Around the Web

Originally Posted by Armor & Sword
Yeah Blitz was a hoot. So is NBA 2K for those who know how to play it to the fullest. But my best two player sports game memories came from Madden 93, 99 and 05, 25 and of course the legendary Tecmo Bowl.

Go Bo Jackson!!!!!

Lol. I used to always play with the raiders. Once Bo Jackson got past the line of scrimmage, it was ALL OVER for the D!! Dudes would try and tackle from behind and just bounce off!! I loved it. U know, there's a great showcase of a great ratings system at work. Donnie Moore needs to look back at tecmo bowl's rating system. Lol, they got Bo Jackson right. Dude was a beast. And, a fast beast at that.

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Originally Posted by Cutwolf
There is literally 0 incentive for EA to take the time and money to significantly improve Madden.

"Be patient" means "we are not doing it, because it costs more than it's worth, because you'll buy anyway because there is no other option."

Madden sits in a perfect spot. It sells not because people love Madden, but because people love football. They could turn every player into little piles of poo running around the field and it would still sell. And with no competition, where else will people turn?
PREACH. This is such a messed up situation and it's about time someone with a big voice in the industry speaks out against these exclusive deals.
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Re: Madden NFL 15 Reviews From Around the Web

Originally Posted by bxphenom7
PREACH. This is such a messed up situation and it's about time someone with a big voice in the industry speaks out against these exclusive deals.
The only voice EA cares about is that of its shareholders.
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EA caters to casual gamers first and foremost. All they care about is their bottomline and the bottomline starts with people that only care about football on the surface. So basically anyone that craves simulation elements are screwed. As much as it pains me to say this, from EA's standpoint it makes perfect sense. The less people know about the sport and are primarily fans, the greater the sales. Reason being, if the consumer has no idea what to look for, they will most likely overlook all the broken mechanics and missing football elements and simply see the game as something it's not. For example, I keep reading comments where people talk about this new defensive mechanic and how it adds to the fun of the game. While that may be true on a arcade level, there is nothing sim about it. Defenders don't use true technique to gain gap leverage or to properly collapse the pocket. You just click a button and basically toss the Olineman aside or run right over or past them. Then the Olineman will turn and stand looking down field ignoring the defender that just went by. It's unbelievable that people think this is real football. Not to mention the fact that every team in Madden uses the same exact hybrid blocking system that doesn't represent any true NFL blocking scheme. But again, the less you know the better off you are with the game. But for people who know football, it's a painful affair. I cringe when I watch QBs drop back never using any footwork and throwing the ball with the worst mechanics I've ever seen. Just watch the Johnny Manziel M15 youtube video of him throwing an accurate pass while facing towards the backfield. Then you see flatfooted DBs in zone coverage. The gang tackles are gawd awful due to the fact they aren't really tackles but just players running into each other, never wrapping their arms and falling limp and dead to the ground. Amazing that no one cares about this stuff. But again, ignorance is bliss. EA cashes in on this lack of knowledge and it will never change. Too many Madden FANS glorify this game for them to ever care to change anything and I honestly don't blame them one bit. If I were a CEO there, I would do the same. Because at the end of the day it's all about the money right?
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