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Re: Madden 16 Bugs and Glitches Thread

Platform: PS4

Whats the bug? Can't start CFM as a player with custom roster

What mode did you experience the glitch/bug in? Online CFM

How did it happen or what did you do to trigger it? Can you recreate it? Attempted to start an online cfm as a wr with the new rookies and got "Our servers can not process this at this time" I can start as a coach/owner, or as a player with stock rosters.

How often has the bug been reproduced? About 10 times with different rosters, different positions and different teams

Do you have video or a picture? no
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Re: Madden 16 Bugs and Glitches Thread

Yes! The tuning update fixed the false start issue. All is well in my universe once again
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Re: Madden 16 Bugs and Glitches Thread

Where do I find this tuning update??? I still have FS issues and was never promoted to download any tuning update.
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Re: Madden 16 Bugs and Glitches Thread

I have penalty sliders cranked all the way up on All-Madden. The only penalties I'm getting are false starts (turned it to down to 0 since it was broken).

Are there no penalties on All-Madden now? Playing solo CFM.
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Re: Madden 16 Bugs and Glitches Thread

The last two games I have played, the game was playing fine. Then, after the play calling screen, my defense goes to the line, however, the CPU offense does not. The QB starts up to the line and the rest of the offense runs off screen, and then the QB follows. I tried calling a timeout, same thing. I let the play clock run down, the penalty for delay of game was conducted, and then the same thing in both instances. Randomly, the ball is "snapped." It actually does not move, by my defense all runs to the ball, but the play cannot end.

Has anyone else had this happen? Any known fix?
Another odd occurrence was that yesterday when I started up the game, it was loading in as normal, and then said it was downloading a new tuner. It said their was a problem with the tuner, but then went on. I tried to look around online and saw no info about a tuner being out in the last few days. Thoughts, comments?
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