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Re: QB awareness

So in my online cfm there is no point in wasting xp on QB awareness, or is there? Lol... I don't use target passing.

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Re: QB awareness

From what I have read, AWR for a user controlled QB has no effect on the "pass" as the user determines when and where to thrown the ball...

From experience, my own observations, QB AWR seems to have some influence on either OL blocking or Defense pass rush and receivers getting open. It could also be that team overall has an effect on the performance of a "lesser" player; thus if you put in a 70 OVR receiver on an 87 OVR team, that receiver doesn't seem to drop many passes or really lose on many routes..

^^^^ The issue with the above point on routes is, that many routes are not really affected by individual route running much, while other routes are; ultimately the problem comes down to the general fact that no one seems to know how any other the ratings really work and all we can really do is piece things together by using what little information we get from Devs and our own experiences and experiments.

Experiments are another issue because it seems that practice mode is nothing like Play Now, which is nothing like CFM, etc etc....SO no one can pinpoint much, IMO.... Which could be good because we continue to guess if player ratings matter and how much they matter, if at all, and that "uncertainty" sells a lot of player packs in MUT...

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