Why Iím Not Buying Another Modern Sports Game Again

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Why Iím Not Buying Another Modern Sports Game Again

I didnít know where to put this so I figured Iíd drop it where I spent most of my time: here.

Iíve been gaming since I was four years old. For the next sixteen years, at least 75% of the games in my collection were either Madden, NHL, NHL 2K, MVP Baseball, NFL 2K, NBA 2K, and NBA Live. These games spanned the duration of at least three console generations that I can think of. And I hung in there through the good and bad. EAís ďexclusive agreementĒ with the NFL. EA also not being able to afford the MVP Baseball series (ironic, right?). The glory days of NBA Live, the ESPN integration with NFL 2K5, you name it. I was there for it all.

And Iím not sorry to say that Iíll be walking away from it. Why? The latest generation of consoles has brought in, at least in my opinion, a new level of incompetence and apathy. Most of it stems from EA but 2K isnít entirely out of the spotlight either. The latter has been plagued with controversy surrounding micro transactions for a good three, maybe four years.

Iím absolutely sick of being treated like an idiot by these companies. Itís not entirely the developers themselves; they, like the rest of us, are trying to put food on the table for their families. A large portion of blame should go to the head sheds, the guys and gals who know jack squat about their own product and quite possibly, the sport they represent as a whole.

The mainstream sports games that Iíve played this year have all been lackluster. Madden 18 had itsí QB AI issues (which is thankfully now fixed), nonsensical animations, no football logic, no additions to CFM, and a linear, prolonged ďstoryĒ mode. NHL 18 saw the addition of 3v3 and the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Wow. Such innovation.

I was thrilled to see NBA Live make another go at it and even more so that I could escape the micro transactions 2K was trying to shove down my throat. The gameplay was clunky, stiff, and I kept getting sucked into tight animations far too easily. The One was a great concept that worked really well, but with such sloppy gameplay mechanics, I couldnít enjoy it.

2K was...well, 2K. A good game overshadowed by micro transactions.

Iíve learned that major companies like EA donít give a s*** about consumer happiness. They care about the almighty dollar and the almighty dollar. They donít care about some gameplay mechanics being broken, glitches galore or broken promises. As long as these CEOs have their wallets filled, they donít care.

So why should I?
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Re: Why Iím Not Buying Another Modern Sports Game Again

It could go in the impressions thread.

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