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Re: EA Play: Madden 19 Gameplay Impressions

I hope Aggressive catch isn't OP. I just watched EricRayweather's video on new WR & DB catches and he thinks that the Aggressive catches are OP.
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Re: EA Play: Madden 19 Gameplay Impressions

Originally Posted by Kanobi
From ALL the video posted/published....it seems OL/DL play remains horrible which is a personal deal breaker for me. Overall player movement/interaction still lacks fluidity despite RPM. There's no sense of suddenness/explosiveness, especially in regards to the tackling. I can't even begin to get into CFM or any other mode/feature if the game isn't right on the field. At this stage, the game should be far more impressive on the field than what it is in terms of overall player interactions and movement. They're making improvements....but improvements upon a flawed and tired foundation that dates back almost three generations of consoles. That's ridiculous.
Not only is the CPU terrible at pass rushing, but you have almost no control as a user. Combine that with hyper speed QB drop backs and it makes for no fun on the line play.
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Re: EA Play: Madden 19 Gameplay Impressions

Originally Posted by canes21
What really irritates me is that 2k5 is honestly starting to show its age a bit now. It's amazing it made it into 2018 before I felt it was outdated at all, but that time has finally come. What irritates me the most, though, is that we are in 2018, Madden 19 is about to release and I honestly can't decide if I will buy it or stick with a game from 2004! In any other sports game or genre of games it'd be easy to choose the 2018 version of a game over the 2004 version, but Madden has gone all over the place so much the last decade plus that I can honestly sit here and debate over whether to play a PS2/Xbox game from 2004 versus a modern game on the PS4/Xbone/PC.
I agree....it's insane that there's even a debate to begin with. Im in the same boat but with a different game from the past...All Pro Football 2k8. Thanks to an unbelievable editor, I can go in and mod APF 2k8 with current NFL players and coaches...AND thanks to the game's abilities/traits system + editable attributes...craft each player to mirror the play of their real-life counterpart. It takes a lot time and effort... but WELL worth it in the end. Plus, there's an update to the editor on the way that will allow for a sort of franchise mode with multiple seasons.

In a perfect world I could merge Madden's graphics with the fluidity and explosiveness of apf2k8:

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Re: EA Play: Madden 19 Gameplay Impressions

Originally Posted by ForUntoOblivionSoar∞
Changing routes in a no huddle situation is unrealistic. Real NFL teams have simple code numbers or words for no huddle plays, the qb yells it out as they get to the line, and the ball is snapped ASAP.

In fact ďhot routesĒ as done in Madden is rarely done in the NFL. Usually they are built in the play, and furthermore, a hot route isnít just a changing of a route. Itís a hot read in the case of a blitz. I.e., your running back runs a rail route if the OLB blitzes and the qb immediately throws there.

There are instances where qbs will change the PLAY at the line, or call a modifier, but changing individual routes at the line? Thatís as rare as a Marino fake spike.

This is one of many aspects of madden that doesnít represent what happens on the field. People can change all 5 routes on the fly but thereís still no offensive and defensive sub packages.
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