Madden or 2k this year?

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Madden or 2k this year?

I've made the decision starting this year that I will only buy one sports game a season. Since it's the first year, and i genuinely don't have a preference on which one I choose (Madden vs. 2k Specifically), I thought it would be cool to have some opinions on the matter for those of you who have played them to this point.

From what I can tell, both show incremental progress, but nothing particularly substantial. So which should I roll with this year? Madden or 2k and why?

Thanks, y'all!

Edit: Playing on XSX, so it'll be the Next-Gen versions.l

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Re: Madden or 2k this year?

Madden next gen is substantially better than last gen 100%. Best Madden to date in my opinion. Madden 21 next gen was awesome, but this year is even better.

NBA 2K is always fun. I get tired of it quicker due to NBA being my least favorite pro sport.

Comes down to what do you want to play more, football or basketball.

If you hate Madden or one of the people who believe “Madden is the same game”.. don’t waste your time and get NBA 2K. If you enjoy Madden at all and love football, Madden next gen is a no brainer.

If you are on previous gen, I’d buy neither.
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Re: Madden or 2k this year?

I like the NFL 100x more than I like the NBA and next gen Madden is very improved, especially this year. There are still quite a few bugs at the moment and half of the features in franchise mode don't work properly and we have no idea if they'll be fixed.

I personally though last years NBA 2k on next gen was the best sports game of all time. This year's game only improved on last year's game. I'd honestly say to choose 2k over Madden.

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Old 09-26-2021, 03:15 PM   #4
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Re: Madden or 2k this year?

I think Madden and 2k22 both added enough new features and gameplay improvements to both buy at $69.99 this year.

MLB the show 21 with its day game glitch in franchise mode that they literally had all year to fix.. (really no night games for the Dodgers, Angels, Red Sox) is unacceptable. That was an easy pass this year with 20 being so good.

FIFA 22 literally did nothing to the career mode unless you like making your career less authentic with create a club. They also lost all the African and South American national teams besides Brazil and Argentina. And Brazil has fake players. This is a joke on next gen systems. Why are we going backwards? I won’t even mention the club teams that are fake..The player models look a bit cartoony also imo.

NHL 22 is a wait and see.

I say if there’s any year to get both Madden and 2k this would be the year. Maybe fifa does something better for the World Cup next year and the show rebounds after an off year.

I’m just waiting for the Madden scouting patch and hopefully a progressive fatigue fix otherwise I’ll just turn the feature off. And CelticLG’s opening night 2k22 rosters and it’s on!!
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Old 09-26-2021, 05:05 PM   #5
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Re: Madden or 2k this year?

I’m football first over all sports but I would also choose NBA 2k. It has the best franchise mode of all the team sports games IMO. It has a lot of the actual Collective Bargaining Agreement whereas Madden really doesn’t like restricted FAs, etc.
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Old 09-26-2021, 05:34 PM   #6
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Re: Madden or 2k this year?

just wait til blk friday and get both
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Re: Madden or 2k this year?

I'm a sports video game fanatic. I cant get enough of sports games. I would have stopped gaming years ago If it wasn't for sports games.

I haven't bought Madden this year but still play last year's version. I'm on PC, so probably no need to get this year's title.

2k will be purchased probably mid October
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Old 09-26-2021, 08:07 PM   #8
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Re: Madden or 2k this year?

2K looks cool for basketball guys, but i have no patience for the awkward collisions in basketball videogames... It's like constantly running into brick walls.

So far FIFA and Madden are my choices. FIFA is basically the same as 21, but i get it through gameshare for free so it's always gonna get a bit of my time each year.
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