How to succeed as a GM? (CPU vs CPU)

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How to succeed as a GM? (CPU vs CPU)

I'm playing Madden 19 with the RFL sliders and I can't seems to get the offense going.

I "bought" the Jets as an owner and traded for Alex Smith (the 12th ranked QB in the game) to groom whatever young QB we get next season, but he's playing like garbage.

Our O Line is garbage overall wise, but Smith nearly always has a clean pocket to work with and he holds onto the ball way too long. We have a below average run game, and 5 WRs with 90+ speed. Using Andy Reid KC playbook and a west coast zone run scheme accordingly.

We are one of the least talented teams in the league, but I didn't expect this level of play. Smith had 80 yards passing last week, we get maybe 4-5 first downs in a game.

Our defense has been amazing though, great secondary play all around but without an offense the defense gets exploited.

Why isn't Smith producing? He's got ideal pocket presence and decision making, great passer attributes, fits the system, etc. Does sim use collective overalls instead of individual overalls?

EDIT: I set the game speed to very fast and it fixed my teams AI.
Re-add these:
1. Playbook knowledge
2. Learning attributes
3. HC09 approval system
4. HC09 management AI
5. Evolving franchise/college coach hiring, bringing their college playbook.
6. CPU/User steal plays
7. Create a play/playbook
8. Wear and tear injury system

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Re: How to succeed as a GM? (CPU vs CPU)

It's been a while since I played Madden 19 however I recently watched Mr Hurriicane's Arizona Cardinals CPUvsCPU Madden 19 Franchise Mode and he had the gameplay working quite well.

During the initial episodes on most of his series' he tends to explain the slider settings he uses to get the gameplay experience feeling close to an actual NFL game simulation. From memory he was using All-Madden default gameplay sliders. Worth a watch - it may help you figure out what's not working in your own Franchise.

The other element I would strongly recommend you look at is your Playbook & Gameplan. A lot of the success your team will have offensively in CPUvsCPU appears to be based on how effective your game plan is. The generic playbooks contain a lot of plays that I personally believe don't translate well into gaining first down level yardage in Madden.

Probably won't be an overnight magical fix but might be a step in the right direction.
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