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***MLB 08: The Show Picture-a-day Discussion Thread***

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***MLB 08: The Show Picture-a-day Discussion Thread***

Ok... so someone "hinted" (quite subtlety mind you) that I should put up a pic a day. So why the heck not. They're all going to be crappy 90k jpg's because I'm far too lazy to host them somewhere then link to here - but hey, a crappy pic is better than no pick at all!

**Let me make one thing clear - I'm not taking requests. You get what I give you - I dont want to get myself in the position where I have a billion different player, stadium, bat, reflection, bell, apple requests. I'll try and mix it up and just grab shots throughout the game.**

(01/16) We'll start off with Boston vs. Colorado (default teams) at night. This is a grab during Poppi's batter walkup.
(01/17) Tonight you get a shot of Dave Roberts at the start of a game as he walks out of the dugout up to bat. Yes I'm a Dodger fan, (I ended up beating them down with the Blue Crew 3-1) but this was the image I liked the most out of the ones I grabbed during the game.
(01/18) Tonight is a special bonus Two Photo Phriday! (no reason) I picked the Pirates and simmed through to around June and picked a game off the schedule vs. the Cubs. Gorzelanny went 8.2 VERY solid innings giving up no ER (one unearned). Tried to get him the CG but after getting to 2 outs with runners on the corners I had to bring in Capps to pick up the save. LaRoche went yard in the bottom of the 7th to bring in the only 2 runs I needed. Pic 1 shows my pitch count at the beginning of the 8th (I walked 2 and hit one batter in the game as well - both unintentional) The bonus pic is just LaRoche coming around 3rd getting congratulated by the 3rd base coach Wise.
(01/19) This shot comes courtesy of Chris Gill (the gameplay Producer). He was trying to move a runner from 2nd to 3rd on a grounder to 3B just before he thought Garciaparra would to throw to First, he thought would try to take advantage of the AI and get to third on the throw. Nomar had other plans - he tried to avoid the tag, but to no avail.

It appears there is a 5 attachment limit - so I've gone and "held" the spot for the next 20 images. They can all be found by clicking THIS!

Attached Images
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File Type: jpg Gorzelanny.jpg (82.3 KB, 3839 views)
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File Type: jpg NomarTag.jpg (86.3 KB, 3517 views)

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Re: Pic a day!

Kolbe... let me be the first of many to say "This is going to be frickin sweet"
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Re: Pic a day!

When are the Phillies like MVP Jimmy Rollins gonna get some love! Looks great though!
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Re: Pic a day!

Great pic Kolbe, the colors are absolutley stunning. Let's not also forget to mention the "almost" photo realistic faces on the guys his year, just amazing work.....at 36 I probably should not be this pumped for a video game...but I am
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Re: Pic a day!

Talk about easing our way into March 4th - this will work just fine.

Thanks Kolbe.
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Re: Pic a day!

Let's see some Phil Hughes up in this piece!!!
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Re: Pic a day!

The walkup was sorely lacking last year..good to see that it made it in.
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Re: Pic a day!

Great stuff, Kolbe. I'll sticky this so you can just post them in here more easily (unless you have something different in mind.

Guys--remember, it's not a request thread!
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