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Bacon's Fictional Roster
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Bacon's Fictional Roster

Here's a step-by-step on how to download my roster and any others from the community vault.
1. Open MLB The Show 20.
2. Once on the home screen, press R1 twice to page over to the "Community" tab on the home screen.
3. Select the "Vaults" option.
4. Select the "Roster Vault" option.
5. Press triangle to search the vault and insert my PSN: cwebs96 into the find function then press square.
6. Locate "Bacon's Fictional Roster 2020" and press X. Then select "Download"
7. Save the roster to your PS4.
8. Enjoy! Play with the roster! Tell your friends about the roster! Upload gameplay from the roster to YouTube or Twitch.


3/16/20 Update:
This is the official companion spreadsheet for Bacon's Fictional Roster 2020.

2/10/20 Update:
I pre-ordered a version of MLB20 that will allow me to access the game on March 13. Therefore, the goal for the initial release of Bacon's Fictional Roster 2020 is currently set at March 19. I will also be posting updates on here and Twitter this season. Feel free to follow me @bacon96_OS

4/8/19 Roster Update:

It's Roster Drop Day Guys!

I'm gonna use this post to provide some more information about the three versions of the roster I'll be uploading today so HERE WE GO

1) "Bacon's Fictional Roster 2019"
Bacon's Fictional Roster 2019 will be the most similar to the previous versions of my roster released in the past. It's a full 90 man with complete free agents, a full 40-man roster that I created and no real players on the roster at all. Any remaining roster spot that needed to be filled is filled by a generic CAP like on the default roster because I have not yet filled entire 90 man rosters with my own CAPs just yet.

2) "Bacon's Fictional Roster with All-Stars"
Bacon's Fictional Roster with All-Stars is a new version of my roster that still includes every fictional player in the other two versions but also has every real SCEA version of every 2018 MLB All-Stars listed on legend teams and appearing in free agency. This provides a hybrid-type mix between fully fictional and the best real players out now...should be fun to compare the best creations I have to their real life counterparts!

3) "Bacon's Fictional Roster WIP"
Bacon's Fictional Roster Work In Progress (WIP) will be an extremely different and new version of the same roster. This set will only include the Create-A-Players that I have made myself with no generic CAPs like on the other two. Instead, the Minor Leagues mostly include filler type players named "New Fielder" or "New Pitcher" who are 45 years old, with F potential and 0 attributes across the board. Most of these fillers will retire in the first season of any Franchise or Road to the Show. This is the version of the roster I am using this year and have used in past years for my own franchises. I released a similar version to this roster on MLBTS18 on March 23, 2019.


Original Post: 4/30/2017:

Back in the fall, I decided that I wanted to start working on a new roster. I had contributed to other OS projects like the popular OSFM roster and
my own personal roster
on MLB15. However, I wanted to create something that was unique and couldn't be matched by anyone on OS and this is what I've come up with.

I have a completed fictional roster that will be uploaded tomorrow (May 1, 2017) to the roster vault.

This roster works in all offline modes!


3/12/2018 EDIT:
Bacon's Fictional Roster Companion Spreadsheet is now available.

3/27/2018 EDIT:
I've also added a number of screenshots showing teams and players within
this folder
here on OS. This folder will be updated as I continue to import players onto MLB The Show 18.

4/13/2018 EDIT:
The newest version of this roster is now in the vault. It's only available on MLBTS18. I uploaded it to the vault today with my PSN: cwebs96 and is titled "Bacon's Fictional Roster 2018"

9/19/2018 EDIT:
I posted an update on how I have continued adding players for the next roster that I'll upload in the spring.

12/23/2018 EDIT:
Shoutout to Armour and Sword for posting about the roster HERE and HERE in his Historical/Specialty Roster Thread. It's stickied at the top of the 'rosters' portion in the forums.

2/18/2019 EDIT:
I made a somewhat big announcement yesterday about the size of the roster I will upload on MLB The Show 19 on post 252.

3/21/2019 EDIT:
I finished adding players to the roster and will now wait for 19 to come out so I can transfer all players over to the new game. You can now view all players on the roster on the same spreadsheet I use as reference HERE.

3/23/2019 EDIT:
I have uploaded my base roster to the vault on MLB The Show 18 for anyone to enjoy until the new version drops in just a few days. Please go download and rate! More info on OS here.

4/7/2019 EDIT:
Bacon's Fictional Roster 2019 will be uploaded to the roster vault on April 8, 2019.

9/11/2019 EDIT: I'll be adding a FAQ portion to this post.



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Bacon's Fictional Roster
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Re: Bacon's Fictional Roster

Some details of this roster include but are not limited to:
  • Service time completed for most players.
  • References to baseball in pop culture like Ricky Vaughn from the classic film Major League and Mike Lawson for FOX's recently canceled drama Pitch. There are a few more to be found as well.
  • Brothers on the roster. I created a set of twins named Parker and Seth Floyd who both play second base for a Bay Area team. There are more that you can find who look similar and have the same last name.
  • Complete All Star game rosters available in Play Now.
  • Unique names like Blondie Pena and Bronco McClendon.
  • I left Legends in the FA list for those who like to use them.

- This roster was created on MLB16 and then transferred to MLB17.

Another reference not listed is that from the Phillies' subreddit: Kodeyashi

Here are screenshots for every team's top 10 players.

I also added screenshots for player cards of a few notable players here.

If you'd like to know any more details then please go ahead and send me a PM or comment below.

Baseball is Better!


Beginning in 2019, Bacon's Fictional Roster no longer includes pop culture references within the roster like Major League or Mr. 3000.

2nd EDIT:

If you are looking for a roster that contains players like such, please look for "Volsfan39" in the roster vault. He has uploaded his own fictional roster that includes a number of references and includes a complete roster for every MLB team as well.

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Re: Bacon's Fictional Roster

Fantastic man.... Ill put it out there on twitter for others to check out!

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Re: Bacon's Fictional Roster

great work and will download it as soon as possible. It seems there are more quality fictional rosters this year.

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Re: Bacon's Fictional Roster

AUsome. Looking forward to downloading it

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Re: Bacon's Fictional Roster

i'm pumped for this bacon, it looks really really good.
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Re: Bacon's Fictional Roster

So if this roster turns out well, I will gracefully bow out of fictional roster making and just add my players to FA and start actually playing the game.

So optimism for this roster.
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Bacon's Fictional Roster
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Re: Bacon's Fictional Roster

Alright guys. Thanks for the little hype that has been generated in this thread. I am now ready to upload the roster for y'all to enjoy.

It's been uploaded to the roster vault:
Name: Bacon's Fictional Roster
PSN: cwebs96

Feel free to post impressions or ideas for improvement on this thread so we can make any possible future version's of this roster as good as possible.

Baseball is Better!

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